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Danish brand Dali have an obsession with speakers that goes back to 1983. Dali design their own exclusive drive units to suit the exact requirements of their speaker designs. This enthusiasm for technology is matched by a passion for music that helps Dali speakers sound so realistic. Put the two together and you have technologies such as ribbon tweeter units that create exceptional treble detail and wood fibre bass cones for a speed and precision in the bass and mid-range.


Black Slave Speaker for Kubik Free

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The slave speaker for the Kubik system, add this second speaker to the Kubik free and prepare to be amazed.

Using the same design and construction as the Kubik Free, The Xtra brings a new level of depth and imaging for your favourite digital music. With a wood fibre bass woofer and soft dome tweeter, the Xtra delivers jaw-dropping sound, and with a 4m connection cable and 10m available to order, you can position the two speakers almost anywhere to create the perfect stereo soundstage.


Black Speakers Per Pair

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"Hardly put a foot wrong, and they'll occupy you for hours. If you're after an affordable upgrade, these represent top value for money." - What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine.

If you're after the impactful, expansive sound that is usually reserved for floorstanding speakers, but simply don't have the room, the Zensor 3s could well be just what you're after. The 7" mid-bass drivers give layers of detail, from floor-shaking low-end through to expressive vocals, plus excellent clarity from the soft-dome tweeter.


Black Subwoofer

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This impressive subwoofer is both power and space efficient. For small to medium sized rooms, it's one of the best around.

This stunning subwoofer has already found well-deserved favour as part of the award-winning Zensor 1 5.1 pack, though it's also a fantastic piece of kit in its own right. The aluminium driver is both light and rigid; the perfect combination for producing deep, powerful bass without any distortion or "woolliness" to spoil the party.


Black Subwoofer

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A solid 170W of Class-D amplification is ample for even the largest room, and a downward-firing reflex port adds fixed-boundary reinforcement.

Don't be fooled by the understated Danish design, this subwoofer is capable of seriously impressive music and movie sound. From subtle cinema effects to pumping basslines or anything in-between, you'll feel every detail without losing clarity. And, thanks to its downward-firing bass port, it can be positioned directly against a wall without losing any of its potency.


2.1 Speaker Package

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With subtle design and a smooth, well rounded sound, these speakers can disappear into the room whilst filling it with beautiful sound.

If you're looking for speakers that can be heard and not seen, this elegant system is definitely a worthy contender. They work equally as well with hi-fi separates and the latest stylish mini systems, but could also form part of a great alternative to a soundbar. Included wall mounts take the hassle out of getting a clean look, and the E-9f sub ensures no bass detail is lost, even if it's hidden away.


Black Bluetooth Speaker

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The Kubik Free is a real entertainer - an enthusiastic-sounding wireless speaker mixed with a solid feature set.

Bringing your stored music to life, the Kubik free is compatible with any Bluetooth device, allowing you to stream from your smartphone, tablet, PC or any other suitable source. And with a high-quality Aptx codec built in, your stored audio will be faithfully reproduced in sparkling detail. The Kubik's wood fibre bass woofer adds to this with a dynamic and precise sound you'd normally associate with high-end stereo speakers, and a soft dome tweeter ensures high frequencies are natural yet detailed.


Black Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Pair

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If you're looking for the best possible quality from a Bluetooth speaker system, look no further!

Consisting of the Kubik Free and Kubik Xtra speakers, this Bluetooth-powered stereo system provides a simply staggering measure of detail and sound staging when compared to listening through the single speaker. The powerful Class D amplifier in the Kubik Free will fill almost any room with spacious, dynamic sound, and with the Xtra working alongside it, you'll be amazed at the quality achievable through its Aptx Bluetooth receiver. There's also a USB port, allowing connection from a whole host of extra sources.

"Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Arguably the finest-sounding surround package available for this money." - What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine.

With their stylish gloss-black fascias and compact cabinets, the this package's understated design easily blends into your living room without looking ostentatious. Pairing two pairs of Zensor 1s for the front and rear with the Zensor Vokal centre and punchy E9f subwoofer, the sound is crisp and clean with powerful bass that never compromises the clarity of speech.


5.1 Speaker Package

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Style, convenience and great sound quality…Dali have pulled out all the stops to offer all three with the brilliant Fazon Mikro pack.

Dali's Zensor surround systems dominate their section of the speaker package market, but what if you're after something a little less imposing? Enter the Fazon Mikro, which transplant the Danish brand's quality hi-fi engineering into tiny units with thrilling-sounding results. There's also great little touches, including stylish curved cabinets, easy to use gold-plated push button speaker connectors and multi-function brackets that take moments to put up.

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