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"The Q Acoustics remain brilliant, beautifully put-together speakers." 'What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine' 5-star review.


The Q Acoustic 2020i speakers are a quality pair of standmount speakers at a surprisingly affordable price. Designed by true hi-fi enthusiasts, the 2020i use excellent quality components for the price.


The soft dome tweeter with a smooth, sweet sound is the ideal match for most budget amplifiers - that can be a little rough around the edges to say the least. The new tweeter unit is also decoupled from the rest of the cabinet, meaning that it isn't affected by vibration from the bass woofer unit - an impressive touch at this price.


Combined with a redesigned crossover, the uprated woofer unit now integrates with the treble for a smoother and more seamless mid-range than before. The bass unit may be small, but its long-throw design also offers up a surprising amount of power for its size.


In addition to sounding better than most speakers at this price the Q 2020i is also better finished. Flush-mounted drive units and curved edges not only improve the aesthetics but also help the sound.

As an introduction to budget hi-fi, the Q Acoustics 2020i speakers are the ideal all-rounders.

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Magnetically ShieldedAre they magnetically shielded? Allows speaker to be placed near a CRT TV/Monitor or sensitive magnetically stored data without the risk of damage.Yes
Sensitivity (dB)The higher the figure the easier it is to drive - meaning that a less powerful amp may be used88
Impedance (ohms)Resistance. A standard figure is 8 ohm. Figure halves when doubling the number of speakers6
Power Rating (Watts)Maximum power output long term/short term (RMS)75
Bi-wireableAre they bi-wirable? Separate earthing for bass and treble - when used with bi-wirable cable gives a more precise soundYes
DimensionsSize of speaker cabinet excluding any feet or binding posts (H x W x D) mm.265 x 170 x 278
WeightWeight of each speaker in KG.5.0
BlackDoes this speaker come in a black finish?No
WoodDoes this speaker come in a wood or wood style finish?No
Other ColoursDoes the speaker have another coloured finish?Yes
Freq Response (Hz)The lower the first figure the deeper the bass should be64 - 22,000