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AKGK451 On Ear Closed Back Mic Headphones

  • With What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine's over 35 years experience in the industry it's easy to see why a What Hi-Fi? Award is one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed upon a product.
  • What Hi-Fi? magazine is the world's leading independent guide to home entertainment products. Any product they award with a 5 star rating is instantly marked out as one of the best around..
With What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine's over 35 years experience in the industry it's easy to see why a What Hi-Fi? Award is one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed upon a product.
What Hi-Fi? magazine is the world's leading independent guide to home entertainment products. Any product they award with a 5 star rating is instantly marked out as one of the best around..

(For more features refer to the specification table below.)

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"You won't want to take these off - not only do they look good, they're excellent sonically, too." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine 5-star review at £79.95


Following on from the multi-award winning AKG K450 headphones, the replacement K451 design has already scooped a prestigious What Hi-Fi 5-star award. So good, in fact, are these headphones that What Hi-Fi magazine said there was; "nothing at this price" that could be faulted with them - praise indeed!


High power drive units and a closed-back design give the AKG K451 an intense, powerful sound. Yet, thanks to the innate quality of these headphones, subtle detail is carefully revealed and nuances can clearly be heard. In short, whatever you listen to will be superbly presented and involving.


New to the K451 is a built-in microphone with volume control. Ideal on a pair of mini headphones likely to be used on the move, this enables you to listen to music and take calls on your Apple iPhone effortlessly.


The unique 3D-axis mechanism doesn't just make these headphones easy to fold and carry, it also ensures a perfect fit against your ears. The soft, padded, headband and ear pieces simply add to the long term comfort of these headphones. Although lightweight, the K451s are durable. A detachable cable and folding design helps when transporting the headphones but you'll also discover a solid build quality that's a step or two up from many rivals.

With a spec and sound so complete, the AKG K451 headphones are hard to beat.

2 year limited guarantee included



In EarCan the headphones be used in the ear?No
Over EarCan the headphones be used over the ear?Yes
CordlessAre the headphones Cordless? Optional requires a Bluetooth transmitter.No
Noise CancellingDo the headphones feature active noise cancelling technology to block outside noise?No
SensitivityHeadphone sensitivity is measured in dB. The lower the figure, the more powerful the driving amplifier needs to be. Headphones for use on portables need to be of higher sensitivity than home hi-fi ones.126
ImpedanceImpedance is measured in ohms and should be matched carefully to the driving amplifier for the best sound quality and reliability.32
Frequency ResponseFrequency response is measure in Hz and gives an indication of how low and how high the headphones will go.11 - 29,500
Cable LengthLength of cable supplied in metres.1.2
WeightWeight of headphones in grams, without packaging.120
Plug sizeThe size and type of plug fitted and whether an adaptor is supplied. 3.5mm is standard on most portable devices whilst home hi-fi usually accepts 6.35mm (quarter inch) size plugs.3.5mm with 6.35mm adaptor inc.
Rated 4.7 out of 5áby 71 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5áby Hear songs in a new way The AKGs are very comfortable, sit perfect and are very unobtrusive. The sound... they have a very warm sound across the board. Drums, bass and background sounds come through clearly, a real joy My (great) SM e10s did a similar job, but with them each instrument and vocal came through very loud and 'separate'... a little disjointed at times i.e. I found I had to focus on each part individually sometimes. With the AKGs, you hear EVERY sound come through in a nice rounded way, a nice wide sound that misses nothing out. The drums sound great. The harmonies clear. For BASS, if you listen to drum and bass you'll be in for a treat. They play modern music with a sublime clarity. I'm hearing live music in a different way which I need to get used too... before I like listening to just the band playing, but with these you get the whole concert feel... i.e. the full band and crowd. In all fairness, this probably gives you a better 'being there' experience. For the price... WOW 16 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Excellent product I bought these headphones to try to help my 92 year old Mum listen to the classical music which she loves. She is extremely deaf and puts them over her two hearing aids. We have found them to be far superior to any previous (more expensive) pairs in terms of sound quality and comfort and she has voted them a great success. 16 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 This headphone is just brilliant. Most comfortable and perfect sound. With the discount, it made this headphone worth way more than I could ever bargained for! Top notch sound delivery with excellent packaging. 14 September 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby Great value for money. This product is literally unparalleled for it's price-point and is definitely a must buy. I was recommended this as my first real set of headphones moving on from sennheiser CX400-IIs as my last pair of earphones. I have yet to experience problems with these headphones and shall be sure to update if I do. 13 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby best head phones ever had many but this one beat them all sound quality is awesome and the bass is booming gear all around and can take and make calls too 11 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby At this price!! I am a headphone nut, not an audiophile headphone nut, because if they cost more than ú100 I anm not really interested. That said, I usually find some good deals on older products and check them out on the web review sites which has provided me with some amazing deals over the years. My older AKG K100's which I loved are now impossible to refurbish since cushions if available are more than the initial cost of the 'phones, so when I saw the K451 on offer I checked and sure enough they were reviewed as excellent at over twice the price and I snapped them up. The reviewers were not wrong, coupled to my Fiio and iPad they sound sweet and pure with an excellent low response, the middle is a bit thin but I understand this is likely to open up after a few hours use. They are comfortable and the addition of an alternate lead with microphone attached means I can wear them when I go walking plugged in to my phone and not miss a call. All in all an excellent buy well recommended. 09 September 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby A great pair of cans. Great reviews in the press, plus trying a friend's pair, persuaded me to buy these. I am not disappointed, they are sonically great. Music on the move has improved 100% I also bought them for their iPhone compatibility but this has proven to be a bit of a disappointment. My partner found that the microphone picked up too much interference when it was touching my clothing. Short of holding the mike all the time this seems to be unavoidable. I have tried more comfortable cans, but they are normally much more expensive. Happy with my purchase. 09 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Comfortable with good sound quality Excellent value for money. They are very comfortable, as they are very light. The sound quality is crisp with a good amount of bass, especially for the price! Recommend to everyone! 08 September 2014
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