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Brennan JB7 500GB


BRENNANJB7 500GB Music Server Mini System EXC speakers



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We're delighted to be offering the multi-award winning Brennan JB7 500GB exclusively on the high street in our stores!

"An alternative to the ubiquitous iPod and dock, the Brennan's well worth investigating." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine.


The Brennan JB7 already has a strong following, with many finding its blend of ease of use, sound quality and unobtrusive size irreplaceable. This Brennan JB7 500GB comes complete with a 500GB hard drive. This means that you can store up to 5000 CDs - all in one place and easy to access. The joy of the Brennan JB7 is how easy it is both to upload the CDs and then to access them. Just two button presses and a few minutes are all it takes to upload a CD. Thanks to the large display and clear control layout, searching for and playing back music is just as simple.

In addition to storing CDs on the JB7, you can also record your old cassettes and records. A 3.5mm line input and (phono stage may be required for vinyl recording) adjustable recording level make it straight forward to record your older music.


Another impressive feature with the Brennan is the option to be able to produce seven playlists. Whilst this isn't new to this type of device, the colour coded lists make it easier to remember what type of music should go in which list. So, for example, you and other members of the household could have their own colour or blue could be for parties while red is for hot summer days.


With various compression rates available, the JB7 gives you the opportunity to achieve even better sound quality. Use the higher quality 320K compression rate and you'll still be able to store 3000 CDs and hear a noticeable improvement in sound quality. For lossless, CD quality sound, the JB7 also lets you record without compression. This gives the highest quality sound and allows around 630 CDs to be stored.

The JB7 also boasts a built-in 60 watt amplifier. This is ample to drive most speakers to high levels, even in larger than average-sized rooms. Careful engineering and good quality components also ensure a smooth and accurate sound quality.


The front-mounted USB interface offers several advantages. First off, you can plug in your iPod or MP3 player and use it as a source of music. Secondly, you can upload music stored on the iPod or MP3 player, straight onto the JB7 and have it easily accessible. Other advantages of this interface include being able to connect a hard drive and duplicating your music as a backup. Finally, by using USB memory sticks, you can transfer blocks of music to and from your PC.


In addition to the USB interface, the JB7 also boasts a range of analogue connections. A 3.5mm output lets you connect the unit up to your own hi-fi. A similar input accepts analogue sources, such as a record deck or cassette deck for analogue recording. There's also a headphone socket for private listening.


With its compact dimensions, the JB7 can be used in a number of places where you wouldn't necessarily want full-size hi-fi components. So, for example, the JB7 works extremely well as a desktop music solution or at a bedside. Despite this, the large and very clear display plus remote control also means that the Brennan works well from the other side of the room.

For an easy to use, compact and quality way to both store and listen to music, the Brennan JB7 is in a league of its own and a product we're very keen to demonstrate in our stores. Call in and see it today!

Also available, matching Brennan BSP50 speakers for just £62.00 per pair.

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Connection Features
iPod/iPhone Dock?
Does the system feature a built-in or separate iPod/iPhone dock?
Number of USB sockets.
Coaxial Inputs
Number of coaxial digital inputs to input digital sources such as DVD players.
Optical Inputs
Number of optical digital inputs to input digital sources such as DVD players.
Active Subwoofer Output
Does it have a separate connection for an active (powered) subwoofer?
Dedicated Port
Does it have a dedicated port for extras such as iPod dock, Bluetooth or DAB radio?
Audio Inputs
Number of audio inputs on both front and rear of unit.
1 (3.5mm)
HDMI offers the highest quality, digital connection. The numbers given relate to the number of HDMI inputs/outputs.
Networking Features
DLNA Compliant
DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. It is an alliance of interested bodies that help standardise streaming content. If a product is DLNA complaint you can be assured it will stream music from your PC, laptop to TV or other device.
Wireless Connection
Whether a wireless or, Wi-Fi, connection is included as standard or optional (via dongle). This allows for wireless connection to your home network hub.
Internet Radio & Services
Does it have access to Internet radio and other online music services?
Apple AirPlay
Does the unit support Apple AirPlay? Apple AirPlay lets you listen to your entire iTunes music library from a suitable Apple iOS device such as iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Best of all, the system is wireless and so is ideal for building up a wireless multi-room system.
Does the unit support Bluetooth? A built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you stream music from a suitably equipped device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
Green Credentials
Eco Friendly Features
Eco Freindly
Does this product conform to energy efficient standards? These standards include the American "Energy Star", the European "Energy Flower" or "EcoLabel" and the UK EST (Energy Saving Trust) certification.
Power Consumption - Standby
This is the power used in watts when the unit is switched off but still powered at the mains and ready to be turned back on.
Power Consumption - Normal Use
This is the power used in watts when the unit is on, using standard settings. Note, different manufacturers use different methods to arrive at this figure. In some cases only the maximum power consumption is quoted.
General Features
CD Player
Is a CD player fitted?
DVD Player
Is a DVD Player fitted?
Blu-ray Player
Is a Blu-ray Player fitted?
Is a HDD (Hard Disc Drive) fitted?
HDD Size
The higher the figure the greater the amount of music that can be held on disc.
Power Output
Maximum power output per channel - RMS into 8 ohms.
60 x 2
Tuner Radio
Type of radio built-in. DAB is Digital Audio Broadcasting.
Remote Control
Is an Infra-red remote included?
Smart Remote Control
Can you use a Smart Phone (iPhone or Android) to control the unit?
Dimensions of unit (W x D x H) mm.
220 x 160 x 48
Speaker Dimensions
Dimensions of speakers (H x W x D) mm.
Weight of unit,unboxed, in KG.
Speaker Weight
Weight of speakers, unboxed, in KG.
General Features
Cassette Recorder
Will the unit record on Compact Cassette tape?
CD Recorder
Will the unit record on CDs?
Hard Drive Recorder
Does the unit feature a built-in hard drive?
Hard Drive Capacity
The size in GB, MB or TB of the built-in storage drive.
Expandable Storage
Can the storage space be expanded by SD card, USB stick or additional hard drive?
Rated 5 out of 5by 1 reviewer.
Rated 5 out of 5by Easy access to my Cd's This small box the size of your average sized hard backed book holds all my Cd's in one place, no cluttering Cd's stacked on shelves. Once loaded the JB7 plays any Track or album, I have in there,a at the touch of a few buttons. The remote being the size of a bank card. It's great, well worth the money spent. 18 May 2013
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