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Want to take your experience to the next level, but are unsure where to start?

Our bespoke installations will turn your dreams into state-of-the-art reality.

At Richer Sounds, we are passionate about movies, music and gaming. From premium home cinemas to entertainment and automation throughout your home, we can make it happen.

From initial conversations with our Custom Installation Team to the moment your new system comes together and beyond, we're here for you.


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Home CinemaHome Cinema

Home Cinema

Experience the ultimate movie night, get immersed in your favourite blockbusters as you've never seen them before, in your own bespoke home cinema.

Media RoomsMedia Rooms

Media Rooms

Get the best of both worlds; big-screen immersion and top-quality surround sound all in the convenience of your favourite living space. 

Multiroom AudioMultiroom Audio

Multiroom Audio

Your music, your home, all controlled from your Smart device. Convenient and discreet, with voice-control and apps. 

Multiroom VideoMultiroom Video

Multiroom Video

4K premium TV subscription all around your home, no problem. A world of entertainment on demand.

Home AutomationHome Automation

Home Automation

Technology designed to make life easier. From morning wake-up routines to evening actions for your entertainment, lighting, heating and security. All without the need for constant interaction.

If you want a bit of extra help choosing your equipment in the comfort of your own surroundings, we will happily come to you. Our experts will visit your home or place of work, free of charge, the distance from store being at the manager’s discretion.

Our free on-site visits are a great way for us to really get to know you and your needs. We can suggest entertainment solutions, or we can introduce newer tech, such as home automation. We can also arrange consultations by video call.

Small or large ideas – we’re here for you far beyond the store doors.


Dean, Head of Custom Installation,
16th year of service.

How we work

We're here for you every step of the way. Contact us to discuss your project


Together we’ll plan the equipment that will make your music and movies come to life like never before. We can advise on what gear you’ll need to level-up your home entertainment experience and Smart Home convenience.

We can even arrange video consultations whenever you like, meaning you won’t even need to leave home.


Our Custom Installation team can work with your builders, architects and interior designers to ensure that our products integrate seamlessly into your property.

With our knowledge and experience, we will listen to your needs, explore all the possibilities and find out precisely what will suit you, and your home, the most. We recognise that this stage is crucial for a smooth installation and creating a perfect environment that works for now, and for years to come, making Richer Sounds the ideal choice.


We have a massive range of integrated technology products. We also have a vast network of Approved Installers to fit them. Your equipment is professionally installed to our high standards, as we work closely in conjunction with our installers. Your Project Manager will always be on hand to ensure a smooth installation. Richer Sounds are a proud member of CEDIA the world’s leading home technology association.


Rest assured, the Richer Sounds experience continues long after we install your equipment. We will take the time to demonstrate your new system and answer your questions. Plus, a little further down the line, we offer the FREE Richer Sounds “Health Check”, to ensure everything is working perfectly and that you are comfortable operating your new equipment. Our stores are open 7 days a week, so you know we are always available to answer any queries.

So many possibilities…

And we're here to make them happen.

Home Cinema

Put the "cinema" into home cinema with a projector and object-based, 3D surround sound system. We have a selection of home cinema gear that delivers a jaw-dropping thrill ride as sound wraps around you, taking you closer to the heart of the action. Most directors agree that sound makes up 50% or more of your enjoyment of a film, so experience movies, TV shows and video games in the way that the director intended - with effects whizzing around, earth-shaking explosions and swelling, cinematic soundtracks, on the biggest screen around.

For the ultimate big picture, why not take a look at our range of 4K UHD projectors, which promise a much sharper image, packed with detail.

Add home automation for the ultimate convenience. Press a button on the remote control or give a voice command and the projector emerges from a shelf hidden in the ceiling, the motorised screen descends and the blinds or curtains close.

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Media Rooms

Turn your living space into a fully functional, access-all-areas, all-singing, all-dancing, hub of entertainment.

Start with a beautiful wall-mounted big screen TV, enhanced with the latest in surround-sound technology - a discreet surround projecting soundbar, or "throw you into the heart of the action" AV receiver and speakers. Next, complement it with all the movies and music you could ever wish for (not forgetting the voice-activated speakers to play it through).

Tomorrow's technology, stylishly designed to fit into the modern home.

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Multiroom Audio

We've long been fans of multiroom audio. Wander from room to room with the same song following you, have a house party with the same track playing everywhere, or let family members play different music in different rooms simultaneously (keeping everyone happy). It's the ultimate convenience.

Your music doesn't have to be contained to a Smart speaker either. We offer a range of feature-packed home cinema, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, plus dedicated hi-fi separates systems with integrated multiroom audio - for the ultimate in quality and convenience.

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Multiroom Video

Don't be tied down, with whole-home video distribution. Keep everyone in the house happy, with multiple subscription TV channels going to every room. Take the summer sport into the garden while BBQing in the sunshine. Pipe the latest live baking showdown into the living room and kitchen, so you don't miss a second of the action.

With multiroom video, everyone's happy and not a single moment is lost - your entertainment, as and where you want it.

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Smart Home Automation

With Richer Sounds' Custom Installation, the only limit is your imagination! A bespoke installation gives you much more than multiroom home entertainment at the touch of a button.

With whole-house Smart controls for lighting, heating, CCTV, security and more, we tailor your installation to suit the way you want to live. Watch, play and listen in outstanding quality from every room in the house while controlling your Smart home from a phone, tablet or wall-mounted pad.

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We’ve installed equipment everywhere; from state-of-the-art cinemas in garages, to multiroom and home automation in super-sized mansions; from large schools and hospitals, down to smaller areas, such as boardrooms, dentists’ waiting areas and even submarines!


Lee, Installer,
4th year of service.

Commercial projects

Creating the ideal partnership

We work hard to provide technology solutions for a wide range of commercial spaces, from schools and hospitals down to smaller areas like boardrooms, waiting rooms and even submarines! A professional audio-visual installation will add pizzazz to presentations and enhance the ambience of customer and staff areas.

We also work with a wide range of property developers advising on integrated technology. A quality AV installation is widely known to boost property values and help clinch sales for all types of property from regular flats through to high-end luxury homes.

We’ll work with you, your clients or your tradespeople to deliver outstanding solutions and we can arrange and organise everything. From wiring an office or bar for discreet sound and wall-mounted screens, all the way up to dedicated cinema rooms and integrated multiroom systems, you can count on us.

“The Richer Sounds team were creative in their approach and designed a perfect solution for our requirements, and on budget.” – James Timpson, Timpson Ltd.

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Video consultations

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The finished article

Here are just some of the projects we worked on to our customers' satisfaction. Like everything we do, you can count on our friendly, expert advice, fantastic range of products, and most importantly – lowest prices guaranteed!

Media room

A bespoke media room will help you bring all your favourite content to life. With a high-end, big-screen OLED TV nestled into a fabric feature wall at its heart and a discreet, built-in speaker system fine-tuned to your space, we’ll help you take your movie nights to the next level.

• Pre-wire
• In-wall 5.1.2 speaker system
• 65-inch OLED TV
• AV amplifier
• Fabric feature wall
• Professional installation in an existing room

Priced from £5,000

Silver-level cinema room

Want to take it a step further? Turn your loft, garage or spare room into a cinema. With a fully bespoke system consisting of a 4K projector, AV amplifier and complete acoustic treatment for enhanced enjoyment, all you’ll have to worry about is what to watch next. 

• Full pre-wire
• 7.2.2 speaker system
• Ultra HD projector
• Fixed projector screen
• AV amplifier
• Starscape ceiling and bulkhead
• LED lighting
• Fabric walls
• Hidden equipment rack
• Control 4 universal remote
• Professional installation in an existing room

Priced from £15,000

Premium cinema room

For the serious film enthusiast, we also offer a premium cinema room. Consisting of a native 4K projector, discreet, built-in sound system, fine-tuned acoustic treatment and so much more. Bring the ultimate viewing and listening experience to the comfort of your home.  

• Full pre-wire
• 7.2.2 speaker system
• Native 4K projector
• Fixed high-end projector screen
• AV processor
• AV power amplifier
• Starscape ceiling and bulkhead
• Smart lighting
• Concealed acoustic treatment
• Hidden equipment rack
• Control 4 universal remote
• Cinema seating
• Professional installation in an existing room

Priced from £30,000

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