4K & 8K Ultra HD


The future of television

The technology that goes into making movies and TV shows is always improving. Almost all films, and even some TV series, are now made at resolutions far higher than the '1080p' we're used to watching on our current sets. The most common of these enhanced signal types is known as 4K Ultra High Definition, which for a long time has only been available to watch at high-end digital cinemas or on TVs with five-figure prices.

Now more affordable than ever!

New 4K Ultra High Definition TVs bring this sensationally sharp picture quality home, showing four times the clarity of conventional 1080p HD. This means absolute precision within the finest details, and much smoother curved lines.

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the difference.

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So what's available in 4K Ultra HD

With subscription TV from the likes of SkyQ, as well as on-demand content from services such as Netflix, 4K content is now readily available.

One thing's for certain; there are going to be more and more ways to make the most of these incredible screens very soon. In the mean time using the latest image processing 4K Ultra HD TVs will take your standard definition and Full HD content and upscale to pin-sharp 4K resolution

You will see the difference!

Our Leicester store ran an event where a 4K Ultra High Definition TV & a 1080p TV, both Samsung, were set up running the same video side-by-side in custom made cabinets so that all attendees could see was the picture. Out of 49 people, all but one chose correctly.

You can read more about the event here.


What else does Ultra HD offer?

• If you like showing off your photography skills on the big screen, 
the huge resolution jump means your photos look significantly better, with far more detail on show.

• As you might expect, 4K Ultra High Definition TVs are tooled up to the nines, so the benefits aren't limited to 4K UHD capability. The faster processors means that regular HD and even standard definition content is upscaled to near 4K quality.

• 4K Ultra High Definition is of particular benefit if you prefer sit closer to your screen as the individual pixels are so small that they're almost impossible to discern.