Soundbars Explained


Inside today’s super slim flatscreen TVs there’s very little room to squeeze in decent speakers, so the sound is often weak or tinny. A home cinema system is the best option to improve this, but not everybody wants speakers and wires all around the room. Soundbars are the slim, stylish solution - but which one?


Simply Great Stereo

The most simple soundbars just do great stereo. Slide one under your TV and you'll instantly enjoy a vast aural improvement, with punchier sound effects, better left/right separation and clearer dialogue. They come in different sizes, too - generally designed to be as wide as your television, though a larger model will usually sound more powerful and many also come with a subwoofer for beefier bass.

Even better, wireless subwoofers are now much easier to find. These only need a mains cable to work, so can be placed almost anywhere in your room without loads of cable clutter. Some soundbars even include a smartphone dock or wireless music streaming, to double as a living room hi-fi! Ease-of-use isn't forgotten either, models with HDMI connections allow you to control the volume with your TV's remote.

Don’t forget that our friendly sales teams will be able to make sure you go home with everything you need to get set up.


Sound Projectors

The next step up from a standard stereo soundbar is a “sound projector”. These use hi-tech audio trickery to give you room-filling surround-style sound, without the clutter of extra speakers. These contain dozens of small speakers, some aimed straight at you, others pointed sideways to bounce off walls.



The effect is impressive - sound is far more dispersed, roomy and cinematic than stereo and, in most rooms, you'll hear surprisingly convincing surround effects too.

If you think that sounds too good to be true, why not pop in store for a demo and hear for yourself?


Wireless Soundbar

The most versatile soundbar is the new Sonos Playbar. Its nine built-in speakers produce left, right and centre channels for high-quality music and movie audio. But that's not all – it can also act as part of a Sonos multiroom system that streams music from your iTunes collection and services like Spotify to boxes throughout your home. On top of that, you can upgrade the Playbar at any time by adding a Sonos Sub for massive bass effects. Or add two Sonos Play:3s as wireless rear speakers for a full 5.1 surround sound system, without the clutter and hassle of speaker cables or a bulky AV receiver.

Sonos Playbar