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What can I do?
In short it's very cool!
Stream music Your music everywhere Smart TVs

Stream music
from your smartphone, computer or tablet to your hi-fi wirelessly - no need to trail wires around your home.

Your music everywhere
Play the same tune in different rooms simultaneously; or completely different music in each room, all streamed from the same computer.

Smart TVs
bring apps like Facebook, YouTube and the latest games streamed to your TV; surf from the comfort of the sofa.

Internet radio Smartphone control Streaming services

Internet radio
Enjoy thousands of radio stations from all over the world, covering every conceivable music genre and subject.

Smartphone control
Cut clutter and control your system with ease by turning your smartphone or tablet into a fully-featured universal remote.

Streaming services
like Spotify, Netflix and BBC iPlayer let you tap into a world of music, movies and TV programmes wirelessly.

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What I need?
You've probably already got a broadband internet connection and wi-fi wireless router. See our extensive range of products to add on…
Network music players and amps High quality DACs Airplay devices

Network music players and amps
plug into your existing hi-fi and wirelessly stream digital music.

High quality DACs
are digital-to-analogue converters that deliver far more detail from digital music sources such as PC or Mac, squeezing the best quality from your streamed files.

AirPlay devices
connect wirelessly to Apple iTunes on your computer, iPhones and iPads, streaming music and also displaying album artwork and other information.

Multiroom systems Media streamers Smart TVs

Multiroom systems
like Sonos let you play your music in many rooms at once without installing wires everywhere.

Media streamers
send digital audio and video (including High Definition) from the computer in your home office to your TV or hi-fi in the living room.

Smart TVs
let you browse the web and use internet apps like Facebook, BBC iPlayer or YouTube in comfort.

Mobile pucks Internet radios

Pop in and we'll show you how easy it is!

Mobile pucks
attach to your hi-fi and AV boxes and let you control everything using your smartphone or tablet, via an app. Some also let you stream music via Bluetooth to your hi-fi.

Internet radios
stream thousands of stations from all over the world. Some are standalone radios, others connect to your existing hi-fi.

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Ideal accessories?
A few things to consider…
Surge protectors NAS drives High quality cables and interconnects

Surge protectors
keep sensitive wireless kit safe from mains surges or signal interference.

NAS drives
store all your music and video on a hard drive, but they work wirelessly even when your computer's turned off.

High quality cables and interconnects
are vital, because while most of a streaming signal's route is wireless, you don't want to lose quality where it counts.

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