Soundbars and sound bases are ideal if you want to vastly improve the sound of your TV, while avoiding the extra speakers or space implications of a full surround system. These slim speakers mount directly below your TV, or even sit under your TV as a "sound base".

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Why pay more

Good soundbars and sound bases have dramatically more volume for speaker enclosures than your TV, yet don’t make too much visual impact on your room. The result is much better bass, wider stereo effects, and clarity and separation of all-important dialogue.

So why pay more for a high-end soundbar when every one we sell will offer a huge improvement on your TV's sound? Richer Sounds only sells products that are great – and great value – but we do stock a wide range to suit all budgets. Spend more and you'll get better quality and, in some cases, extra features.

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Look out for convenient features such as Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from your smartphone or tablet. They may even have the option to work as part of a multiroom music system, which can include hi-res audio music too. Many soundbars also come with a separate subwoofer for serious bass. Tabletop sound bases (which your TV sits on top of) have a larger cabinet that delivers beefier bass.

Go further up the chain and there's a greater chance your subwoofer will be wireless, reducing the clutter of untidy cables. And on top of wireless Bluetooth streaming and multiroom capabilities, you'll get serious surround options.

One popular high-end option is the "sound projector". These contain lots of small speakers pointing in different directions, carefully designed to bounce sound off the walls to give a surround-like sound to TV and movie audio without the need for separate speakers around the room. Many even come with a microphone, which is used to automatically configure the effects to work best in your size and shape of room.

In most cases, paying more will deliver a more encapsulating and impressive sound. Compare various models in one of our demo rooms and you'll soon get a feel for the differences.

Every soundbar and sound base we sell will make your TV's audio come alive – but hopefully now you know why buying a basic model can often be a false economy, not delivering performance, features, or a user experience that will truly delight you over its lifetime. As ever you're welcome to come and hear the difference for yourself.

We stock soundbars from all the big brands, and every single Richer Sounds store has a home-styled demonstration room where you can try them out first and find the perfect soundbar for your home. Find your nearest store