Speakers are just as important as your amp when it comes to sound quality. You want speakers that will draw every last drop of detail from your audio: the complexity of the rising resonance of instruments in a concert, every one picked out and yet adding to a whole; the tiny squeaks and sounds of a plectrum coming off a string.

Sam, Manager, Chelsea Store, 5th year of service.


For great sound, you need really good speakers. So why pay more for high-end speakers? Richer Sounds only sells products that are great – and great value – but we do stock a wide range to suit all budgets. Spend more and you'll get more.

You might think there's a fairly simple correlation between the quality of a speaker's components, the quality of sound you get out of them, and the price of the speakers. And you'd be broadly right. Here's some detail…

High-end speakers boast superior crossovers: the brains of the speakers that direct the right bit of signal to the right driver. They also have better quality terminals for a cleaner signal path, bigger, more powerful or more efficient drivers and more delicate, accurate tweeters. It's not just components you're choosing between though: cabinet construction and rigidity also play a huge part in a speaker's sound, as does its shape.

There are other factors also at play. For instance, in recent years new technologies have meant that you can finally get a big, room-filling sound from a compact pair of bookshelf speakers. Big is beautiful but small can sound great too – for a slightly higher price. So you can choose between floorstanders with a traditional design or spending a bit more to get a similar sound from smaller speakers thanks to clever engineering.

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Choosing between component quality, cabinet construction and even size and placement can be a complex set of choices. Don't buy speakers blind, come and hear the differences for yourself.

We stock a wide range of hi-fi and home cinema speakers from all the big brands. And every single Richer Sounds store has a home-styled demonstration room where you can try them out first and find the perfect speakers for your home.
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