If you love music you'll appreciate the convenience of a smartphone or tablet that gives you instant access to your entire digital library and a world of online music. You'll also appreciate the experience of listening to music on proper hi-fi speakers, which is where wireless audio comes in.

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While you're never going to get the same performance as a stack of separates and a great pair of speakers, you will get convenience and pretty impressive quality. What's more, you can easily create a system that plays music all over your home wirelessly and simply. Some systems even offer wireless home cinema surround sound.

So why pay more on wireless and multiroom when every system we sell does the job well? Richer Sounds only sells products that are great – and great value – but we do stock a wide range to suit all budgets. Spend more and invariably you'll get more.

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Even our small entry-level wireless speakers offer a vast improvement on the sound from your smartphone or tablet's built-in speakers. They're often rechargeable and portable, so you can take your music with you anywhere. But as with any small speaker, you get what you pay for. It takes the latest loudspeaker technologies, and a bigger budget, to make a tiny speaker sound terrific.

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Spend a little more and you'll get wireless speakers that also link to each other for an instant multiroom music system. Play the same song in every room for a party or have your music follow you around the home.

Higher end features include AirPlay compatibility for Apple devices (including iPhone, iPad, Macs and PCs running iTunes) that can wirelessly stream high-quality files, including Apple Lossless, as well as supplying track information.

But it's worth making sure your speakers have built-in Bluetooth too. Bluetooth plays seamlessly with Apple and non-Apple devices alike. Higher end Bluetooth speakers boast aptX support for superior audio quality that gives AirPlay a run for its money.

A bigger budget buys you bigger and better speakers, for a fuller hi-fi sound that truly fills the home. Better build quality, paired with improved speaker drivers and amplification, results in a far more musical performance. Look out for "Bluetooth active stereo speakers" which are essentially traditional bookshelf speakers updated for the 21st century, built to combine incredible hi-fi sound with convenient wireless streaming.

More money can also buy you a smoother user experience. At the top of the wireless tree are multiroom systems from brands including Sonos, Denon, Samsung and Panasonic. These work beautifully with online music services like Spotify and Tidal as well as streaming from the device in your pocket or the music on your network. The very best systems talk to each other, and are designed so that the more speakers you have, the stronger the wireless signal is.

Every wireless speaker and multiroom system we sell is a star performer in its own right – but hopefully now you know why buying a basic model can often be a false economy, not delivering performance, features, or a user experience that will truly delight you over its lifetime. As ever, you're welcome to come hear the differences for yourself.

We stock all the big brands. And every Richer Sounds store has a home-styled demonstration room where you can try them out first and find the perfect solution to suit your home and your digital music.

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