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"Well specified and well finished; substantial, responsive sound from any source." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine.

Arcam have a tradition of making separate DACs that stretches back longer than just about anyone else in the hi-fi field. With the advent of PC audio, NAS drives and streaming, a good quality DAC is more important than ever before and this is where Arcam's experience comes to the fore.

The most compelling reason for buying a separate DAC is enhanced sound quality and it's here where the rDAC excels. At the heart of this DAC is a high quality Wolfson WM8741 convertor. This gives a spacious, accurate sound quality with a, typically Arcam, smooth treble response and textured bass.

In addition to the usual coaxial and digital inputs, the Arcam rDAC also features a USB input. This input lets you transform the sound from your computer or MP3 player. The sound is not only helped by the upgraded DAC but also the special dCS Asynchronous USB Technology that reduces jitter. Reducing jitter makes the music sound more natural and improves the rDAC's already excellent timing or "pace".

Along with the Cambridge Audio DacMagic, the Arcam rDAC is one of the very best ways of improving your system's sound quality. Good sounds can come in small packages!
Coaxial Digital InputNumber of coaxial digital inputs? This is the electrical type that uses an RCA phono or BNC connection.Y
Optical Digital InputNumber of Optical Digital Inputs? This is the optical light type of input that uses a Toslink connectionY
USB InputDoes the DAC have a USB Input? This allows connection of a PC/Mac or other media device. Wireless connection possible if stated.Yes
Headphone SocketDoes the DAC have a headphone output?No
DimensionsSize of unit (W x D x H) mm160 x 111 x 40
WeightWeight of unit,unboxed, in KgNA