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Marantz CD players have been leading the field since the format began and, with the Marantz CD5004, it's not hard to see why.

When it comes to component quality and design, the CD5004 is amongst the very best in its class. With a CS4392 DAC and Marantz HDAM-SA2 op-amp, this budget machine matches the spec of many more expensive machines. Furthermore, a new EX mode lets you switch off functions such as the digital output and pitch control for a purer signal. Taken as a whole, the Marantz CD5004 has a typically ebullient sound quality with pacey dynamics and crisp detail.

Being a budget Marantz CD player also means a decent range of features are included and the CD5004 is no different. The pitch control is an unusual feature but ideal for dance students or music scholars. Both optical and coaxial digital outputs are provided, ensuring you can connect to a wide range of digital recorders or, should you wish to do so in the future, a better quality DAC. Rounding off this impressive CD player is a headphone with volume control and remote control.

With classic Marantz styling, the CD5004 fits in well with a wide range of hi-fi separates and should look good for years to come. For a budget CD player with added bite, check out the Marantz CD5004.
CD MemoryDoes it have a programable track memory?Yes
Remote ControlIs Infra-red remote control included?Yes
CD TextIs CD text included? Will show text on display with suitable discsYes
CD Number of DiscsNumber of discs the player holds1
CDRW Playback CompatibleWill it playback re-writable copied CDs?Yes
Optical Digital OutputDoes it have an optical digital output? Optical digital output for digital recording or using with an upgraded DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor)Yes
Coaxial Digital OutputDoes it have coaxial digital output? Coaxial digital output for digital recording or using with an upgraded DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor)Yes
MP3 PlaybackWill it playback MP3 music files?Yes
DimensionsSize of unit (W x D x H) mm440 x 340 x 105
WeightWeight of unit,unboxed, in Kg5.1
SACD PlaybackDoes it play SACDs? SACD stands for Super Audio Compact Disc. SACD improves upon the 16 bit/44.1kHz resolution of CD by using Direct Stream Digital (DSD) technology. This 1 bit technology has a sampling frequency of 2822.4 (64 times higher than CD), giving similarly high resolution to 24 bit formats such as DVD-Audio. Special SACD discs are required.No
Power Consumption - StandbyThis is the power used in watts when the unit is switched off but still powered at the mains and ready to be turned back on.N