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Powered Monitor Speakers

Designed for DJs and producers alike, the Pioneer S-DJ05 active speakers are the choice for accuracy.

Available to Buy by phone or special order at the following stores only; Bristol, Newcastle, Reading, London City, Kingston, Plymouth and Deansgate.


With bi-amp circuitry, the S-DJ05 speakers use separate amps to drive the woofers and tweeters. This gives far greater control and accuracy of sound. Large woofer magnets give exceptional bass power and control yet still maintain a high level of bass detail. Quality components ensure a wide sweet spot making these speakers flexible in their positioning.


Coming complete with an included controller, these active speakers are exceptionally adjustable to your requirements. The built-in linear equalizer allows for personalised adjustments of frequency characteristics and you can also control the volume, mute and switch between up to four inputs all from the one controller.


Finished in classic black, with complementing titanium coloured woofer surrounds, the Pioneer S-DJ05 doesn't just sound like a pro, they look like one, too. With screw holes on the base, they can also be securely stand mounted.

For active speakers that put total control at their heart, the Pioneer S-DJ05 deliver with style!
Magnetically ShieldedAre they magnetically shielded? Allows speaker to be placed near a CRT TV/Monitor or sensitive magnetically stored data without the risk of damage.No
Sensitivity (dB)The higher the figure the easier it is to drive - meaning that a less powerful amp may be usedNA
Impedance (ohms)Resistance. A standard figure is 8 ohm. Figure halves when doubling the number of speakers10
Power Rating (Watts)Maximum power output long term/short term (RMS)45
Bi-wireableAre they bi-wirable? Separate earthing for bass and treble - when used with bi-wirable cable gives a more precise soundNo
DimensionsSize of speaker cabinet excluding any feet or binding posts (H x W x D) mm.300 x 185 x 258
WeightWeight of each speaker in KG.6.7
BlackDoes this speaker come in a black finish?Yes
WoodDoes this speaker come in a wood or wood style finish?No
Other ColoursDoes the speaker have another coloured finish?No
SpeakersAre these DJ Speakers?Yes