Richer Sounds Installations for Property Professionals

Richer Sounds works with a wide range of businesses on technology and solutions for their properties. An expert audio-visual installation is widely known to boost property values and help clinch sales for everything from straightforward flats and new-build developments to high-end luxury properties. We’ll work with you, your clients or your tradespeople to deliver outstanding home entertainment solutions and we can arrange and organise everything.

We’ll try our best to help to make your property look and feel great for your buyers – from simply wiring a home for discreet sound and hang-on-the-wall TVs, all the way up to dedicated cinema rooms and integrated multiroom audio systems.

A home installation by an expert can significantly boost property value

Desirable, unique and saleable – more and more developers are realising that installed technology adds values to a property and increases sales.

With a cost-effective install, which can be as simple as discreet in-ceiling speakers, a big-screen TV built flush into a wall or as stunning as a fully integrated audio visual set-up, you’ll add the ultimate in home entertainment to a show home. Your clients can offset the price of the products onto their mortgage, meaning they do not need to wait for funds to become available, and don't have the stress of retro-fitting a system.

“Private screening rooms, that developers call ‘home cinemas’ these days, have become a requirement in top-end properties.”

– Zoe Dare Hall, The Telegraph, 20th Feb 2015

“I can’t remember the last, newly done and dug house I have seen without one.”

– Roarie Scarisbrick, Property Vision

“Richer Sounds are great at understanding the client's brief and providing exactly what the customer wants. All the time whilst offering invaluable advice, great expertise and exceptional service from start to finish”

– Alisa Bowen, Inside Studio

How we can help

No wires

Modern living should be clean, clutter-free (this means no wires) and stress-free. Simplicity is key. Our most common request is to work alongside property developers to make all the wires of a modern home disappear, leading to unparalleled technological performance without compromising the look of the home.

For developers, this means the space is maximised and not intruded upon, particularly useful in show homes. It delivers that "wow" factor. For buyers it's added peace of mind – they move in knowing they don't have to start the task of wall-mounting TVs or replastering walls to chase away cables.

We can recommend ultra-thin TVs to be mounted flush into walls, discreet in-ceiling speakers and even set up multiroom media streaming. Your buyers won't see the technology, but they will buy into the benefits.

Recommended provider

We offer you our install expertise, free on-site visits and unbeatable prices; you benefit from our reputation, with no hassles for you.

Trade partnerships

We supply the equipment at our always unbeatable prices, our contractors do the install.

Hi-tech options

We offer the most cutting-edge media and video solutions for the home. We can provide a system that delivers music in every room, whether each member of the household wants to have the ability to listen to their own music in different areas or the same music throughout when entertaining. Or a TV in the bathroom for the ultimate in bathtime luxury. The sky’s the limit.

All of our colleagues are experts. They're also adept at working with unusual spaces and tight corners – picking out the right kit and assessing the room design to maximise performance and style.

We can come to youWe can come to you

Free on-site consultation

Wall-mounted TVsWall-mounted TVs

Wall-mounted TVs installed by our in-store experts

Concealed speakersConcealed speakers

Conceal speakers and wires in walls or ceilings

We'll work with youWe'll work with you

Our installation team will work with you, your clients or your tradespeople

We’ve supplied a huge variety of places of business, such as...

Schools, colleges, universities and other educational centres

Hospitals and private healthcare centres

Government offices

Luxury boat builders and yachting companies

Food and drink outlets

Event management companies

High street retail chains, including nationwide clothing brands, gaming stores, hair salons, fashion outlets, travel companies and supermarkets

Student accommodation companies

National and international hotel chains

And many more!