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MARANTZTT5005 Turntable

  • The quiet signal that comes off the needle of a record player needs the extra boost of a phono stage to be heard. This unit has one built-in, though an external unit may well offer better quality.
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The quiet signal that comes off the needle of a record player needs the extra boost of a phono stage to be heard. This unit has one built-in, though an external unit may well offer better quality.

(For more features refer to the specification table below.)

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The Marantz TT5005 is the perfect plug and play turntable


If you're looking for a good quality brand of turntable that's easy to set-up and use, then the Marantz TT5005 is ideal. With a preset tone arm and attached MM cartridge, the TT5005 is ready to go. It also has a built-in phono pre-amp, meaning that the turntable will work with any hi-fi that has an RCA auxiliary input. Automatic tone arm operation returns the arm at the end of each side and selecting the speed is easily controlled by a button rather than manually moving the belt on its pulley.


The belt drive system gives a naturally well-damped and low distortion sound quality. Solid construction, including an aluminium platter further enhances the sound quality by resisting mechanical interference.


Little larger than a record itself, the Marantz TT5005 is more compact than most turntables and easy to place. The low profile lid keeps the dust out and helps keep the style neat and unobtrusive.

Perfect for bringing life back to your vinyl collection, the Marantz TT5005 is a solid performer.

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Connection Features
Onboard Phono Stage
Does it feature an onboard phono stage? Allows the turntable to be plugged into an amp without a phono input
USB Output
Does it have a USB output? This allows the turntable to be plugged directly into a computer - allowing for easy copying from vinyl to the computer's hard drive.
Green Credentials
Eco Friendly Features
Eco Friendly
Does this product conform to energy efficient standards? These standards include the American "Energy Star", the European "Energy Flower" or "EcoLabel" and the UK EST (Energy Saving Trust) certification.
Power Consumption - Normal Use
This is the power used in watts when the unit is on, using standard settings. Note, different manufacturers use different methods to arrive at this figure. In some cases only the maximum power consumption is quoted
General Features
Pitch Control
Is pitch control included? Adjusts the pitch of the music - usually by around +/- 9%
The type of drive system. Auto turntables stop the record, lift the arm and return it to rest. Semi-Auto perform a proportion of these functions.
Size of unit (W x D x H) in mm
360 x 357 x 97
Weight of unit,unboxed, in Kg
Direct Drive
Does it feature a Direct Drive system?
Belt Drive
Does it feature a Belt Drive system?
Cartridge Included?
Whether or not a cartridge is included. MM = Moving Magnet, MC = Moving Coil.
Yes - MM
Carbon Fibre Tonearm
Does the deck come supplied with a carbon fibre tonearm? Generally stiffer than equivalent metal ones, a carbon fibre tonearm usually enhances the sound quality.
Acrylic Platter
Does the deck come supplied with an acrylic platter? Generally more expensive to produce than a metal one but often preferred for their sound quality.
Rated 4.3 out of 5áby 14 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5áby Good sound quality with simplicity of operation After my old turntable finally died a death last week, I researched various options. I wanted a basic but decent automatic turntable at under ú250 to go with a Denon micro system. I did not need USB. I opted for this one and am glad I did. Very quick to set up. In combination with the micro system, producing excellent sound - better than anticipated. Tested thus far on folk, oratorio, opera, and rock. Reasonably solidly built but compact. Drawbacks are the lack of clip to hold the arm and that you seem to have to manually move the arm across and put it down if you don't want to start playing at the beginning . But for the money, and the overall quality, those can be lived with. Very pleased with purchase. 18 January 2015
Rated 5 out of 5áby Perfect solution for playing my treasured LPs ! This deck has a good clear sound, no audible rumble or other vices, attractive design and is mechanically robust enough. Good not to have to fiddle with manual adjustments and the start / stop works well. Light 3.5g tracking weight won't wear out LPs. Great match for my Marantz CR502 receiver and Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom speakers. Note that it is essential to have the inbuilt pre-amp (as this does) as most modern amplifiers don't have the right "phono" inputs with the correct impedance and frequency de-emphasis to take the output from a pick up cartridge direct. The quality of sound from vinyl is excellent - apart from the occasional pop depending on how you have looked after your vinyl - and matches CDs. For best results, get a carbon fibre brush to clear the dust out of he grooves before playing. If you want to "fiddle" and "tweak" as I used to 40 years ago (those were the days !) this isn't for you but if you want to simply care for and enjoy your LP treasures, don't hesitate !! 29 December 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby budget turntable this turntable produces a decent sound through my pioneer a20 and wharfedale diamond 9 speakers. if i am honest if I had extra cash and if the leeds store had the stock at the time I would have chosen something better. the marantz has a start/stop auto but no manual/pause feature.I purchased phono cables separately as i'm a bit of a noob but the marantz already has phono cables hardwired which are very thin!, whether this is a disadvantage I do not know. the unit is also very light which on a glass surface can slide with a light touch! I must say that after purchasing this set up from richer sounds leeds I went to Jumbo records Leeds and bought The stone roses Stone roses album on 180 gsm vinyl and Beck morning phase and they sound awesome. 21 September 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby Marantz TT5005 For the money this is a really great product, fells slightly flimsy out of the box but once set up it does the job really really well. Sound quality is excellent and the platform does seem pretty sturdy. I can't imagine anything else at this price performing as well. Also the customer service in the Southgate store was absolutely excellent. 19 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Ease of use Great with the Marantz amplifier easy to combine for a great sound 16 September 2014
Rated 2 out of 5áby Disappointing This was a bit of an impulse buy. I was in need of a new pair of rear speakers for my 5.1 system and I bought the (amazingly great value) Wharfedale Diamond 9s (see other review on those). I added this turntable to my order after a little bit of research that told me this is pretty much the only half-decent option if you want a ready-to-go turntable for less than ú200. On setting it up and playing an album I have to say I found the sound very disappointing. Lacking in clarity and definition; really on a par with a low to average quality MP3. I'm not a hi-fi snob but I do appreciate decent sound, and this definitely feels like the weak link in the chain of my system (mid-range Denon amp, mid-high range EPOS speakers) I'm left feeling that I really should have spent another ú100 or so and got something I'd be happy with. This is no criticism of Richer Sounds, who delivered the items quickly and packaged well. 06 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great if you want quality on an easy to attach (builin pre amo) turntable This turntable really made me happy. Easy to install, works great with my mini hifi and the sound quality is great. Different options if you want to connect to pre-amp too, automatic or manual start! No manual belt to set to different speed. From the range it was the best option, really reccomended. Marantz is marantz! 04 September 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby Does full justice to your LP collection What should I do with the several hundred LP's tucked away for many years is the reason why I bought this Marantz turntable. Since plugging it into a lovely old Marantz PM233 amp it has performed beautifully, doing great justice to my mainly classical collection. Although the build seems very light, the simple belt turntable works well. The simple playing arm tracks well and is complimented by a cartridge of a good pedigree. Both produce a clean sound which amplifies pleasantly. Only reason it didn't get a higher grade is the lack of a lever to enable the arm to be lowered - always very useful with LP records! But at this price compromises have to be made and the good sound quality more than makes up for this shortfall. 29 August 2014
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