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Welcome to your future. We're here to help you make it happen.

Not only do we love the latest Smart home technology, we also love what it can do for you.

From movies and TV boxsets available at the push of a button, to music in every room around the house, a connected home or workplace is a powerful thing that can save you time, energy and hassle as well as making life more enjoyable.

From the initial conversation with one of our many installed solution experts, to the moment your new system comes together, and beyond that, we’re here for you.



Visit us in-store or give us a call so we can pop round, and we’ll work with you to make sure that we deliver the equipment to make your music breathe and movies come alive. We’ll advise you as to what equipment you’ll need to max your home entertainment, or to get a Smart home for the ultimate in connected convenience.



All of our stores have Experience Rooms, so you can try before you buy, and we will also happily visit your home or place of work to make sure your choices are perfectly tailored to your environment and needs. 



We have a wide range of installed technology products, from simple, plug and play items, to the more complex fully-integrated systems that one of our team of experts will install and configure for you.

Thanks to our trusted network of Approved Installers, we can ensure your equipment is professionally commissioned. 

After care

After care

Rest assured, it’s not over once your equipment has been wired in – we offer a Richer Sounds Health Check that will ensure everything is working perfectly and you’re happy with how your system is performing.

From audio systems and wall-mounted TVs to complete home cinema installations, we cater for all.

Commercial and property developer installs

We work hard to provide technology and solutions for a wide range of commercial spaces, from schools and hospitals down to smaller areas, such as boardrooms, dentists' waiting areas and even submarines! An expert audio-visual installation will add pizzazz to presentations and enhance the ambience of customer and staff areas, alike.

We also work with a wide range of developers on technology and solutions for their properties. An expert installation is widely known to boost property values and help clinch sales for everything from straightforward flats and new-build developments to high-end luxury properties.

Give your clients the ultimate Smart experience by delivering an environment that has customised lighting, heating, home entertainment and security throughout and controllable from a central hub. We can do this for you and come up with ideas that save you money by making your properties more energy efficient than ever.

We’ll work with you, your clients or your tradespeople to deliver outstanding home entertainment solutions and we can arrange and organise everything.

We’ll try our best to help to make your property look and feel great for your clients, staff, customers or buyers – from simply wiring an office or bar for discreet sound and hang-on-the-wall TVs, all the way up to dedicated cinema rooms and integrated multiroom audio systems.

Multiroom music

From hi-fi systems that are the premium centrepiece for your home and deliver stunning audio quality, to voice-controlled Smart speakers in every room, we have a solution for everyone.

We can also recommend and install fully-connected multiroom systems, allowing music to be enjoyed throughout your entire home. What’s more, with the latest Smart assistant speakers, you simply have to ask and the music will start playing. With Smart home audio, a whole world of music awaits.

Give us a call to arrange a store-based demo or a survey at your home or place of work today. (10 mile radius, at manager’s discretion)

Multiroom TV and home cinema

Nothing beats back-to-back episodes of your favourite TV series or the latest blockbuster on the big screen with surround sound.

Pop in today for a chat, and to see a large range of screens, projectors and Dolby Atmos equipment on display and demonstration.

Our experienced sales advisors can suggest innovative products designed to deliver dazzling sound quality from discreet, living room friendly equipment, such as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

4K video is redefining the entertainment experience and with a fully-integrated home matrix system you can easily deliver your favourite 4K content throughout the home.

A 4K matrix system can pipe video signals to each room in the home. multiroom video offers clutter-free simplicity – all you need in each room is a TV, a remote and a small receiver box, which can be easily hidden behind the TV.

No matter what room you’re in, or what you want to watch, you’ll have everything available at the touch of a button. Or combine with Smart voice-control for a seamless, streamlined, and quite frankly futuristic entertainment experience. Give us a call today to find out how we can simplify this option for you.*

Light, heat, CCTV and security

Set the mood with Smart lighting as well as heating controls and protect your property with CCTV – all controlled from a phone, tablet or your PC.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and effective single bulb dimming system, or a complete home set-up with app controlled remote temperature and multiple lighting scenes, we‘re here to make that happen.

Not to mention, with complete control over heating and lighting, your electricity and heating bills could go down.

Nothing is quite as comforting as peace of mind. With a Smart home, featuring remote access CCTV and Wi-Fi cameras, Smart locks and more, this is exactly what you could have.

With voice-activated, fully-automated environment and security controls, you can create the perfect setting. Our start-to-end installation service ensures you will have an easy-to-control home that is as comfortable as it is Smart.

To find out exactly what’s possible, give us a call to arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation and survey at your home or place of work. (10 mile radius, at manager’s discretion).

Smart home and mobile control

When technology talks to each other, and devices work perfectly in sync, it’s a beautiful thing! Use a Smartphone, tablet, a universal remote control, wall pads or voice commands to prompt the tech in your home to work together to turn things up, down on or off simultaneously or in different parts of your property.

Control music throughout your home at the touch of a button and get the same song in every room or different music in different areas – perfect for entertaining or simply keeping the whole family happy! Similarly, you can create different moods with lighting or turn heating on and off according to use. CCTV footage can be accessed from wherever you are and cameras can be checked or activated from your smartphone, tablet or computer for the ultimate in security. Smart means all of your devices connected and the simplicity of controlling everything at the touch of a button, or a vocal command. A great Smart home really is that easy to control.

Not only do the latest Smart home devices make enjoying your favourite entertainment easy-peasy, they also let you do more, quicker and easier than ever before. And they deliver the ultimate in convenience and wow factor!

For more info on what Smart devices can do for you, visit our Smart page here, visit our in-store experts or give us a call!

A few examples of our installations

"They helped me choose the TV in store and came to fit it himself. When he arrived at my home he was very cheerful and efficient and cleaned up after himself. I've had bad experiences with other retailers in the past and this was a breath of fresh air. Thank you Richer Sounds!"

- C. Wright, Essex (satisfied customer)

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We’re ready!

Our store-based experts, central installations team and Approved Installers are ready and standing by to help you realise your home entertainment dreams or to inspire you with new ideas you may not have thought of.

We’ll help you with the design, planning and execution of your installation, no matter how big or small. Visit us in-store or give us a call to get started.