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Great audio inspires passion. It's the way a tune can evoke a memory or the way a wide soundstage transports you to the front row of brilliant live performances. Investing in quality hi-fi equipment can truly make music come to life, making it feel like you’re stood next to your favourite artists.

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A hi-fi separates system is absolutely the best way to get maximum sound quality, and at the heart of any great system is a great stereo amplifier. Unlike a home cinema receiver, a stereo amplifier is purpose-built and dedicated to a singular role, so more of your money goes directly to ensuring that you’ve got the best possible quality components for the purest possible audio signal.

As with all of the products we sell, our range of stereo amplifiers is hand-picked to make your music sound its best. Our entry-level amps offer great value and do a good job, but we really recommend looking at your amplifier as an investment as choosing a higher quality product at the outset can have a big impact on your enjoyment for years to come and the more you love hearing your music, the more you’ll end up using your hi-fi system.

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Stereo AmplifierStereo Amplifier

Stereo AmplifierStereo Amplifier

Because of their simplicity, there's a very direct relation between what you pay for a stereo amp and the quality of its components and circuitry design. A higher-end amp will give improvements, such as a heavyweight casing for less vibration, toroidal power transformers for cleaner power, as well as simplified circuitry and higher-end digital-to-analogue converters (DACs). All of these features and design nuances combine to create a sound that is more true to life: you hear music just as the musician intended.

Our premium stereo amplifiers have extremely high quality input and output terminals, and their advanced, symmetrical circuits will transfer a purer signal from CD, vinyl or any other source, with less distortion to the speakers. As well as better sound quality, higher-end amps can also be more future-proof, as well as including features that will help you make the most of your music for a very long time. Other features include the ability to stream Hi-Res Audio files for incredible musical detail, while having a high-quality phono stage and DAC built in can reduce the need for and cost of additional equipment.

We stock amps from all the big brands, and every Richer Sounds store has a home-styled Experience Room where you can try them out first and find the perfect stereo amplifier to suit your needs.

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