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If you love music you'll appreciate the convenience of a smartphone or tablet that gives you instant access to your entire digital library and a world of online music. You'll also appreciate the experience of listening to that music through incredible-sounding speakers, which is where wireless audio comes in.

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While a stack of hi-fi separates and a great pair of speakers is still the final word in audio quality, vast improvements in speaker design and big advancements in streaming technology mean you can still get phenomenal sound even even if you decide against a separates system. What’s even more handy is that many of these speakers can function as part of a multiroom system, allowing you to get that stellar sound in all rooms of the house with ease.

At Richer Sounds we have a host of budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers that sound great and some of them are portable too. However, if you are serious about sound, we urge you to look at the premium models we stock, as you’re likely to get much more mileage for your money.

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Those after the look and feel of traditional hi-fi speakers will be delighted to know that many of the most respected names now offer wireless speakers that marry timeless standmount and floorstanding designs with the latest Bluetooth technology, giving you the best of both worlds so you can easily stream your music in fantastic quality.

If you want amazing sound AND want it every room, you are truly spoiled for choice. In the early days of multiroom audio there were only a few big names, but now it’s a competitive market, which is great news for the more discerning consumer. Several manufacturers are designing products that cater solely to Hi-Res Audio formats, so lossless music sounds its best no matter what room you’re in.

And wireless isn’t just for music lovers. If you’re a film buff or really cherish your TV time, wireless speakers can be used to create a surround sound system that will that will recreate the experience of the cinema in your own home.

The ease of wireless is a great addition to equipment at all price points, but we hope you can now see why spending a bit extra can really make the most out of this amazing technology. As always, hearing is really believing, so we invite you to visit your nearest store and let us show you the difference it can make.

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