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We're sorry to hear there’s a problem with your purchase.

If your product is within its guarantee period, in order to get you back up and running as soon as possible, please fill in the form below with as much information as you can.

Television repairs: We realise how important a television can be to our customers so in the unfortunate event that yours develops a fault we will often ask you to book your repair directly with the manufacturer. We absolutely recognise that sorting your problems is our responsibility, so the only reason we do this is to speed up the repair process for you. You still only need to call our direct Customer Service number 0333 900 0094 as by selecting the correct option your call will be routed to the relevant manufacturer. Dealing directly with the manufacturer allows their experts to diagnose and often resolve perceived faults over the phone. They can even sometimes log in to your product online to help fix it, and all without going backwards and forwards through us. If they can’t help there and then they can book a time, directly with you, for one of their engineers to visit. 

All of these things generally improve the repair process by helping to speed up repair times. If, however, this is not the case and / or you are not receiving the levels of service that you expect from Richer Sounds, then please contact our Customer Service team who will immediately take over the process for you to help resolve matters to your satisfaction.

If your product is outside its guarantee period then please find more information here.

If we need more info to help us pinpoint the issue we’ll be in touch - otherwise, once our engineers have diagnosed the fault, we will contact you to explain what they’ve found.  We’ll also let you know how long it’s likely to take to fix and any other details with regards to the repair process.

Where possible, we will respond within 24 hours Monday to Saturday.

Thank you,
The Richer Sounds Customer Service team

If you'd like an update on an existing repair, please fill in our 'Repair progress update’ form here.
A member of our Customer Service team will respond within 24 hours Monday to Saturday, where possible.