Why Pay More? Soundbars & sound bases

Soundbars and sound bases are ideal if you want to discernibly improve the sound of your TV, while avoiding the extra speakers or space implications of a full surround system. These slim speakers mount directly below your TV, or even sit under your TV as a "sound base".

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As TVs have become thinner over time, there is less space for speakers and, as a result, the sound produced by modern televisions can be tinny or weak. Good soundbars have dramatically more space for speaker enclosures than your TV, resulting in better bass, wider stereo effects, and clarity and separation of all-important dialogue.

The difference is performance is so noticeable that we recommend purchasing even a ‘budget’ soundbar along with any new TV; it’s simply that important! That being said, there are a few key reasons that picking a premium soundbar over an entry-option makes a lot of sense.

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The quality of both build and internal components will be superior on premium models, which translates into a much more detailed and nuanced performance from a piece of kit that will last for years to come. Connectivity is another big point; many premium soundbars will not only connect to your TV wirelessly via Bluetooth. Some will offer support for Hi-Res Audio playback so your music sounds just as good as a Hollywood blockbuster. Some can even act as part of a wireless surround sound and / or multiroom system, giving you even more incredible sound both for your movies and for your home.

To really take your viewing to new heights, you’ll want to look for Dolby Atmos compatibility. Using specifically designed upwards-firing speakers that bounce sound off the ceiling, these soundbars add a sense of height to movies and completely immerse you in the action.

Every soundbar we sell will make your TV's audio come alive, but hopefully now you can see why investing in a premium model at the outset can deliver better performance, more useful features and a user experience that will truly delight you over its lifetime. As ever, you're welcome to come and hear the difference for yourself. 

We stock soundbars from all the big brands, and every single Richer Sounds store has a home-styled Experience Room where you can try them out first and find the perfect soundbar for your home.

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