Types of TVs

Our different TV types and accessories

LED, OLED, QLED, projectors… we’ve got the lot! So if you’re looking for a new telly, we’ll have the right one for you.

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Smart TVs

Smart TVs allow you to access catch-up and streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix, and with built-in web browsers and apps you can enjoy the best of the internet from the comfort of your sofa. Many manufacturers now also offer voice control / activation, allowing you to control all sorts of actions using nothing but your voice.

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Tried and true, LED screens are still the industry standard for brightness, clarity and energy efficiency. These screens offer up a great picture, with extremely slick and slim designs available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from the small to the gargantuan.

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OLED TVs offer deep inky blacks, realistic colour and very smooth motion. Previously only available in very small screen sizes, they are now ideal for larger home cinema-style rooms.

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4K & 8K TVs

By utilising millions more pixels, 4K and 8K TVs offer immense amounts of detail compared to HD tellies of the past, which is crucial to getting the best performance out of screens over 40 inches. What’s more, 4K and 8K sets upscale non-4K / 8K content to look incredible too.

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Movies are made to be watched on a big screen so having your own projector is a cinema lover's dream. They can produce detail-rich pictures much larger than most TVs and aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think, making them worthy of serious consideration.

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TV & projector accessories

Don't forget your accessories!

Ensure that you're getting the absolute best out of your equipment with our range of essentials, from HDMI cables and wallmounting TV brackets to Smart remotes and motorised projector screens.

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Racks & furniture

Display your equipment in style – or hide it cleanly out of sight–with our wide selection of TV and home cinema furniture, featuring cabinets and racks that can fit in any space.

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