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Wireless Streaming

What is streaming?

Streaming simply means sending media from one place to another. For example, when you watch a video through a service like Netflix, you're streaming it from Netflix's system to your device. It doesn't just happen through streaming services and the internet, either. If you have videos and music stored on your smartphone or computer, you can stream them through your own wireless network to your TV or hi-fi too.

In this connected age, more and more equipment offers streaming capabilities of some sort, from TVs with built-in apps for your favourite streaming services, to network music players that give you access to a boggling amount of music. Come and speak to the friendly team at your nearest store to find out just how it easy it is to start streaming.

Wireless streamingWireless streaming

What is multiroom?

Wireless speakersWireless speakers

The most basic multiroom system is made up of multiple speakers placed around your home that are all connected wirelessly, allowing you to hear music in different rooms all from the same source, usually a smartphone or a laptop. Many systems use an app to control which speakers are playing what, as well as individual volume control.

Multiroom speakersMultiroom speakers

While many will rightfully recognise Sonos as a pioneer of this constantly evolving technology, there are ever more multiroom systems on the market, giving you a whole host of options to choose from. A custom installation can integrate your multiroom set-up into a full home automation system, with touchscreen wall panels that control your lights and heating as well as your TV and speakers.

Whether it's two rooms or the whole house, give your local store a ring or a visit and we can run through your options.

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Why not add a network music player?

Network music playersNetwork music players

With music streaming becoming a primary way to listen to music, an easy solution that offers brilliant sound quality is required and that's where network music players come in. Like a CD player, they use top-notch circuitry for sensationally clear audio, but instead of loading a disc, the music is transmitted by a streaming service accessed from your smartphone, laptop or, in many cases, right from the network player itself. And if you want a more audiophile sound, many of the models on the market support Hi-Res Audio playback, allowing you to listen to music in CD-quality and even better-than-CD quality.

Network players come in a variety of sizes with all kinds of extra features and functions, but at their heart they make it very easy to listen to a truly stunning amount of music in breathtaking clarity. If you have any more questions about adding streaming functionality to your hi-fi, give your local store a bell or drop by and say hello.

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