Why Pay More?

All of the products we sell are selected for their quality, design and performance, and we pride ourselves on having something to fit any budget. That said, we encourage you to think of your purchase as an investment in the long-term, with the goal of taking home something that you’ll enjoy for years to come. These quick guides will give you a better idea of why spending a bit more money at the outset makes for a better overall experience.

Why Pay More - Stereo SpeakersWhy Pay More - Stereo Speakers

Stereo Amplifiers

Our range of stereo amplifiers is excellent value, but do consider your amp as an investment. It will serve you for years, probably decades.

Why Pay More - SpeakersWhy Pay More - Speakers


Speakers are just as important as your amp in terms of the quality of sound you get from your system. Great speakers can make your music truly sing.

Why Pay More - TurntablesWhy Pay More - Turntables


The core principle of a turntable is the better the build quality the better the sound will be. There’s more than meets the eye with turntables.

Why Pay More - Home Cinema AmplifiersWhy Pay More - Home Cinema Amplifiers

Home Cinema Amplifiers

The AV amplifier is the heart of your new home cinema system – and the key to getting the best picture and sounds from everything you want to watch.

Why Pay More - Soundbars & sound basesWhy Pay More - Soundbars & sound bases

Soundbars & Sound Bases

Soundbars can discreetly tuck under your TV and deliver a massive boost to sound quality, saving space and without trailing wires everywhere.

Wireless Speakers & MultiroomWireless Speakers & Multiroom

Wireless Speakers & Multiroom

The latest wireless streaming technology means you can take control of music, movies and much more, wherever you are in your home.