A good quality cable, a dedicated hi-fi or TV rack, even some spikes for your speakers - these are all things that can make huge differences to the enjoyment of your music and movies.

We are the UK's premium accessories specialistWe are the UK's premium accessories specialist

Hi-Fi accessories

Hi-Fi InterconnectsHi-Fi Interconnects
Hi-Fi Interconnects
Speaker CablesSpeaker Cables
Speaker Cables
Turntable AccessoriesTurntable Accessories
Turntable Accessories
Hi-Fi RacksHi-Fi Racks
Hi-Fi Racks
Speaker StandsSpeaker Stands
Speaker Stands
Speaker Wall BracketsSpeaker Wall Brackets
Speaker Wall Brackets
Sonos Mounts & StandsSonos Mounts & Stands
Sonos Mounts & Stands

TV & home cinema accessories

AV CablesAV Cables
AV Cables
Cables & InterconnectsCables & Interconnects
Cables & Interconnects
TV BracketsTV Brackets
TV Brackets
TV StandsTV Stands
TV Stands
TV AccessoriesTV Accessories
TV Accessories
Wireless Streaming AccessoriesWireless Streaming Accessories
Wireless Streaming Accessories
Professional Rack FurnitureProfessional Rack Furniture
Professional Rack Furniture
Projector ScreensProjector Screens
Projector Screens
Projector MountsProjector Mounts
Projector Mounts


Mains Power AccessoriesMains Power Accessories
Mains Power Accessories
Remote ControlsRemote Controls
Remote Controls

Get more than you bargained for

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More advice & knowledge

Speaker cablesSpeaker cables

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HDMI CablesHDMI Cables

What are the differences between HDMI cables?

HDMI is the go-to cable choice for sending HD signals from a digital source. But what are the main types you can buy? And what about long lengths?

Specialist furnitureSpecialist furniture

Is specialist furniture worth the cost?

You're not just paying for designer looks and fancy materials… Find out what difference high-quality hi-fi or home cinema furniture can make.

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