Want to make your movies, TV and games more exciting
and immersive? Team a stunning TV or projector with proper surround sound. Star Wars director George Lucas once said "sound is 50 percent of the movie-going experience" and we couldn't agree more.

Chris, Deputy Manager, Leeds Store, 14th year of service.

For true surround sound, you need a dedicated home cinema amplifier, also known as an AV receiver. The more you spend, the more your amp will be able to immerse you into the stunning world of big-screen movie action and sound. Richer Sounds only sells products that are high quality and great value – but we do stock a wide range of amps to suit all budgets.

So why pay more for a high-end model, when every
home cinema amplifier we sell offers surround sound?
Spend more and you're likely to be getting some extra features and, even more importantly though, a fuller
bodied sound that will truly surround you. Certain premium AV receivers are also extremely good at stereo music reproduction, bringing out detail and enhancing soundstage.

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AV receiver

Basic surround sound comes as "5.1" – it's the most common home surround sound set-up. You have five speakers: a centre speaker for super-clear dialogue,
front left and right for stereo action and two behind you
for ambient atmosphere. The .1 is the subwoofer for bass. Every home cinema amplifier we sell is at least 5.1 compatible and will work with common surround audio formats such as Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital and DTS.

Spend extra and you'll get more. Firstly, better internal components mean cleaner and clearer picture and sound. On top of that, you'll get more inputs and outputs – so you can run all your games consoles,
set-top boxes, disc players and more through it.

Spend more and you'll also start getting 4K video handling and upscaling for a pin-sharp picture, multiroom streaming, wireless capabilities and more power to drive bigger speakers for more dynamic sound in larger rooms. You're also more likely to get an amp that can deliver hi-fi quality stereo audio.

On higher-end amps, as well as 4K Ultra High Definition video capabilities, you'll get high-resolution digital audio support, and most importantly, support for higher-end surround sound formats.

"7.1" adds two extra speakers, one on each side of you, for more realistic surround effects. Making it "5.2" or "7.2" adds in a second sub for effortless, deep bass. But the new, hot topic is Dolby Atmos and rivals such as DTS:X. These require extra speakers, often installed in the ceiling but sometimes using upwards-firing speakers on the floor, to match the kind of sound you get in high-end cinemas. The results are stunning: multi-dimensional, deep, immersive, lifelike sound.

Every home cinema amp we sell is a star performer but hopefully now you know why buying a basic model can often be a false economy, not delivering performance, features, or a user experience that will truly delight you over its lifetime. Great surround sound is something that has to be experienced – felt and heard. That's why all of our stores have demonstration rooms equipped with the latest surround sound technologies, including in-ceiling or floor-mounted Dolby Atmos speakers.

We stock AV receivers from all the
big brands. Come in and experience the difference for yourself and find
the perfect home cinema amplifier for your home.

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