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What can I do?

Stream your music

Network players and streaming amplifiers allow you to easily play music from your smartphone, computer or tablet through your hi-fi without the need for extra cables.

TV and movies on tap

Smart TVs have built-in streaming services like Spotify, Netflix and BBC iPlayer that let you effortlessly access a huge amount of music, movies and TV programmes effortlessly, as well as browse the web from the comfort of your sofa.

Internet radio

Enjoy thousands of radio stations from all over the world, covering every conceivable music genre and subject.

Music in every room

Multiroom systems are made up of several speakers connected wirelessly. Play the same tune in different rooms simultaneously, or completely different music in each room, all streamed from the same source.

Voice & smartphone control

Access built-in voice assistants to control your whole system with the sound of your voice and cut down on clutter by turning your smartphone or tablet into a fully featured universal remote.

What do I need?

Streaming amps & network music players

These fit right in with your existing hi-fi, giving you access to a near-limitless amount of music from your streaming services of choice.


High quality digital-to-analogue converters deliver far more detail from digital music sources, squeezing every bit of nuance from your streamed content.

Smart TVs

With a huge range of built-in streaming apps, catch-up services and internet browsers, Smart TVs allow you to watch your favourite movies and programmes seamlessly.

Wireless speakers

Whether it’s a solo speaker in a guest room, a pair as part of your hi-fi, or multiple speakers dotted around your home as a multiroom system, wireless speakers are a hassle-free way to enjoy your favourite music.

Internet radios

Stream thousands of stations from all over the world. Some are standalone radios, others connect to your existing hi-fi.

Bluetooth transmitters / receivers

These handy and compact devices make for an easy solution to add wireless connectivity to older hi-fi systems.

Ideal accessories

Cables & interconnects

High quality cables and interconnects are vital, because while most of a streaming signal's route is wireless, you don't want to lose quality where it counts.


Never miss your favourite programmes again! PVRs, with their huge amount of storage, allow you to record multiple channels at once so no one in the family will ever miss their favourite programme again.

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