The future of television is already here

The line between how movies and TV shows are made and how we experience them at home has never been thinner. Screen technology has transformed in leaps and bounds, which means we get to see our favourite content just the way the director intended. 4K and 8K sets have far more pixels than screens of the past, for a picture so lifelike it’ll take your breath away.

So what's available in 4K Ultra HD

No matter which service you use to stream your TV and movies, there is a huge range of 4K content currently available, with more being added each day. Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten and even YouTube all have 4K content readily available with something for every viewer. With 4K quickly becoming the standard for new TVs, studios are now creating content in ways that take full advantage of the rich colours and amazing detail that this new technology provides.

It’s not just streaming – Ultra HD Blu-ray players, projectors and games consoles can all offer stellar 4K performance, taking entertainment to new heights. Even better, your 4K device will automatically upscale non-4K to look its best as well.

Colours you have to see to believe

4K and 8K sets have far more pixels than screens of the past, which in turn allows for more detail and better motion handling for a picture so life-like it will take your breath away. Along with all that detail comes a vast improvement in colour accuracy thanks to HDR.

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, works alongside 8K screens to create a much larger palette of available colours – often over a billion different shades. This is a huge improvement over previous LED screens. Believe us when we say you’ve never seen a picture this vivid before.

8K is on the way

You’d be correct in guessing that 8K takes all the amazing things about 4K and doubles them. With roughly twice the amount of pixels,there's an untold amount of detail to get lost in, especially with much larger screen sizes. While 8K content isn’t yet as prevalent as 4K, it’s starting to hit the market, so there’s no better time to get ahead of the curve. Of course, existing 4K content will look fabulous too.

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