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Our culture explained


As an employee-controlled trust, we’re a diverse, customer-orientated team, united by a passion for music and movies. Our stores contain a remarkable number of budding musicians, DJs, and film buffs, fanatical about great sound and vision. We recruit based on natural friendliness, rather than high-pressure sales skills. All our teams are audio-visual enthusiasts and experts (seriously – they train themselves on new products continuously). They’re here to find a perfect match to your needs and budget, big or small, and to think of the things you may have missed, enhancing your overall home entertainment experience.

which? award

We’re incredibly delighted to have picked up the most recent Which? Recommended Provider award for Technology Retailers.


Being proudly employee owned means our colleagues indirectly own 60% of the company and have a real stake in its success.

Good Business Charter

The “Good Business Charter” encourages responsible business behaviour and signposts consumers to these businesses.

Tax Watch

An investigative think tank set up by our founder, Julian Richer, to investigate and expose aggressive tax avoidance.

No zero hours

We oppose zero hour contracts unless requested by employees, and founded and fund Zero Hours Justice.


To help victims of anti-social behaviour we established and fund ASB Help.


We founded Acts435, a charity giving 100% of donations to those in need.

Richer Unsigned

Our not-for-profit organisation designed to help and support musicians and artists by promoting the UK’s best undiscovered music.

15% profit donation

“Richer Sounds donates a higher percentage of profit than any other privately-owned company.” – The Guardian

Fairness Foundation

We’re planning a Fairness Foundation to allow us to support those causes closest to our interests and beliefs.

Fair Tax

We’re proud to hold the Fair Tax Mark for transparency over tax disclosures and the amount of tax paid.

Living wage employee

We are one of only a few retailers to be an accredited Living Wage employer.

Royal warrant

By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales Supplier Of Consumer Electronics Richer Sounds Ltd. London

Prompt Payment Code

We pay every one of our suppliers on time and in an average of only 18 days – over twice as fast as the national norm.

Guiness World Record

For over 25 years, our first store at London Bridge has been accredited with the highest sales per sq ft of any retailer in the world.

The Mayor's Good Work Standard

We’re thrilled to be recognised by the Mayor of London for our high employment standards.

Carbon neutral

We work with Carbon Footprint Limited to achieve a Carbon Neutral organisation.

Slave Free Alliance

We hold a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking.


Our history

Our Founder and MD, Julian Richer began buying and selling hi-fi separates at school when he was 14. In 1978, aged 19, he opened his first shop on London Bridge Walk with the help of the late Vic Odden, a photography retailer. In May 2019, he handed control of the business over to an Employee Owned Trust, so Richer Sounds is now controlled and majority owned by the people who work in the company. We now trade from 52 stores nationwide, online and through our telesales and business to business departments. We may have started in budget hi-fi, but in more recent years we have also gained a significant reputation in TV, home cinema systems and premium audio.

Our history
Our history

Our philosophy

The words “Experience Better” sit under our logo. These are words everyone at Richer Sounds lives and breathes. We strive to provide you with better:

• Knowledge and expertise
• Products and pricing
• Customer service

We’re convinced this leads to a better home entertainment experience for you, our customer.

When you step into a Richer Sounds store, you’ll be greeted by someone who not only knows all about audio and visual entertainment, but also knows how to make it work beautifully in a real home or place of work. As well as having a team that love what they do, we train, train and train constantly so we can be confident in saying we have the knowledge on audio and visual entertainment. Julian Richer, our Founder and MD explains why looking after customers and colleagues is beneficial to businesses in his book, The Richer Way. If you’d like to find out more, please click here.


We aim to be responsible capitalists!

What do we mean when we call ourselves ‘responsible capitalists’? Julian Richer, our Founder and MD, has spent a huge amount of time thinking about how a business can be successful and also benefit society – so much so that he authored a book on the subject!

From the introduction of 'The Ethical Capitalist', where he explains his thinking:

“I mean treating staff, customers and suppliers honestly, openly and respectfully. I mean doing what we say we will do. I mean taking responsibility for our actions, owning up when things go wrong and setting out to put them right. I mean seeing ourselves as an integral part of society and paying our dues – especially taxes – accordingly. By following this approach, I believe we create a virtuous circle for ourselves: Not only is it the right thing to do, we sleep better at night, and I believe a fair and honest approach to customers and staff leads to a huge competitive advantage.”

We try hard to live up to this standard and hope that this philosophy runs through everything we do. If you’d like to read more about Julian’s thoughts on responsible capitalism, you can buy the book here


We’re here for our customers


We care for our colleagues


Caring for our environment

Richer Sounds recognises that slavery and human trafficking is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights and remains a hidden blight on our global society. We hold a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking and are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings. We expect our colleagues, suppliers, contractors and all other stakeholders to commit to the same, including implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to prevent and detect modern slavery. We would never knowingly conduct business with suppliers or employees engaged in such practices. Our colleagues are expected to report concerns and management are expected to act upon them. Our supply chain policies and procedures are reviewed and accredited by the Slave Free Alliance to prevent modern day slavery within our supply chain.

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