Terms & Conditions – Repair Service


Repair out of warranty

You will be charged an initial charge, which is redeemable against the final cost of repair. This is non-refundable and covers our costs in assessing, transporting and looking after your unit to prepare your quote to repair your product.

Once an estimate is accepted a repair will normally be completed and returned to your local store within our target of five working days (providing that spares are readily available and received with no delays). Any estimate that is given will not be changed without warning. However receiving an estimate is not a guarantee that the work can be completed.

Following the issue of an estimate, if we receive no communication within 30 days, we will contact you a second time in writing. If we again receive no response within 30 days, we will write to you a third time. If a further 30 days elapses with no response we will issue a 14-day disposal notice after which the equipment will be disposed of with no further advice.

If the estimate is refused, you will have one of two options: 
• you can elect to collect (have returned) the unrepaired equipment or,
• you can authorise us to arrange disposal of the equipment

Any balance to be paid upon completion of your repair must be paid in full before collecting your unit. This can be done in the store you are collecting your repaired unit from. Any parts used to repair your product will remain the property of Richer Sounds until you have fully paid for the completed repair. A 90-day guarantee will be given on the work carried out upon the successful completion of a repair, effective from the date of collection. This guarantee only covers the work carried out to effect the repair of the item, not the whole item against other unrelated faults occurring.

We reserve the right to cancel any repair for any reason.
We cannot offer any compensation for inconvenience.
Any refund offered will be subject to deduction of our costs incurred.

Taking your unit to one of our stores

To avoid damage occurring during transportation, please ensure that your product is securely packaged. We recommend that you cover the equipment in protective material, and then pack in a sturdy box with suitable packing material (eg bubblewrap) to avoid movement within the box.

All our stores have supplies of packaging and will ensure that once your unit reaches our possession it is looked after and if deemed necessary will be re-packaged for transportation purposes.

Please do not send accessories (eg remote controls/TV stand’s) with individual items of equipment, unless they are required for the proper function/ control of the device or are directly related to the fault or you are specifically asked to do so.

Returning units to original settings

While being repaired your unit may be returned to original factory specification. This may include (but is not limited to) return to region code 2 on DVD product, addition of latest manufacturer recommended software / hardware upgrades where applicable, loss of stored data due to flash memory / HDD being wiped / formatted during the reset to factory spec.

We do not guarantee being able to restore any bespoke settings, configuration or functionality.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to save any information stored on hard drives / flash memory contained within your unit. It is recommended that, where possible, you make hard copies of any content you want to keep before bringing your unit in to us for repair.

Repair tracking

Please contact our customer service department or your local store for a progress report on your repair.

To get an update on an existing repair please have your repair reference number or your receipt number ready and fill out our online form.