Picking your perfect projector

The biggest and best screen in town: nothing transports you to the heart of the action quite like a projector

Put the "cinema" into home cinema with a projector. For a really big screen, a projector can't be beaten. At the high end, it's the go-to tech for a dedicated home cinema room. Convert your spare room or garage; think plush seats and popcorn.

For something more plug-and-play, we offer affordable, portable projectors you can use anywhere for impromptu film nights and gaming sessions.

Plus, our VIP Club members get a 6 Year Guarantee included on the vast majority of TVs and projectors. Find out more

Projector technologyProjector technology

Outstanding technology and value

Enjoy an impressive picture measuring 100 inches or more, bigger than even the biggest TVs, at a fraction of the price. They’re capable of handling fast, high-definition action and modern projectors don’t need total darkness or a huge room.

Ultra HD projectorsUltra HD projectors

Upgrade to a deluxe seat with Ultra HD

For the ultimate big picture, take a look at our range of 4K UHD projectors, promising a much sharper image, packed with detail. It’s the ultimate home cinema to rival your local multiplex.

Experience RoomsExperience Rooms

Come in and experience for yourself

Our Experience Rooms all include a choice of comparable projectors, so you can see the benefits for yourself. We have the biggest range in the UK, with models to suit all budgets, from affordable, compact DLP models to high-end projectors featuring LCD and LCOS technologies.

We'll come to youWe'll come to you

We’ll even come to you

Projectors are one purchase where it’s also well worth taking us up on our offer of a free site visit. We’ll come to your home or place of work (10-mile radius, negotiable at manager’s discretion) to see the space for ourselves: the room size, shape and light levels. We’ll help you plan, whether you’re looking to create the ultimate home cinema installation or just a simple set-up to bring out for special occasions. Find out more.

Dream screen. Find the right type of projector for your home.

To work out how far back from the screen you should place the projector, you will need to find out the width of the image you want to project.
Typical screen sizes that we offer are:

Screen size (measured diagonally) Approximate screen width
77 inches 1.8m
92 inches 2.0m
106 inches 2.4m
122 inches 2.7m

Next you’ll need the throw ratio. This can usually be found in the product specifications on our website, the manufacturer’s website, or the projector’s manual.

The throw ratio will usually be two numbers, for example 1.4 - 2.2 : 1. These are the throw ratios when the projector is zoomed in and out. 

To work out how far back from the screen the projector will be, take the width of the screen, for example 2m (a 92-inch screen), and times it by both of these numbers:

1.4 x 2 = 2.8m

2.2 x 2 = 4.4m

Therefore, in order to project onto a screen 2m wide (92-inch diagonal), the projector would need to be between 2.8m and 4.4m back. You can then use the zoom and focus to get it perfect.

Better still…

If you don’t fancy working out these calculations, visit us in-store and we’ll do it for you.
we’ll come to your home or place of work for the best possible results!

Home cinema screenHome cinema screen

Want a dedicated home cinema screen?

Long-throw projectors are good for serious home cinema action and installations. They’re great for fast on-screen action and deep, rich colours. Sit a long-throw projector on a shelf high on the wall opposite your screen or mount it on the ceiling. The screen doesn’t have to be visible when it’s not in use - it can be hidden in the ceiling. Add home automation for the ultimate in convenience: turn on the projector (with the remote control or even a voice command) and it triggers the motorised screen to descend. It can close the blinds or curtains too.

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Pop-up screenPop-up screen

Want a pop-up big screen?

With a short-throw projector, even the smallest room can become a cinema. These modern marvels have a wide lens angle designed to produce a big, bright picture from not far away. This makes them ideal for putting on a coffee table at close range and projecting onto a portable screen or even a plain white wall (although for optimal performance, install a proper screen). Our projector range includes portable models perfect for taking to a friend’s for a movie night, big match or multi-player games session. Or put one in your child’s bedroom for the evening when they have mates round: a private pop-up cinema!

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Need more advice on finding the right projector for you?

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