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Enjoy incredible 3D sound designed to elevate your Samsung TV experience. Our latest Samsung Soundbars, fitted with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, will enrich your sound experience by bringing incredible cinematic wireless surround sound into your home. Read on to discover all the benefits!

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Samsung Is No.1 in Soundbar Sales in the World*

Encapsulate yourself in the ultimate cinematic surround sound within the comfort of your home. Plus wireless Dolby Atmos allows you to achieve the ultimate 3D sound without the need for HDMI cables.

*Samsung Soundbar has been ranked No.1 selling Soundbar brand for 8 consecutive years by Omdia.

Q-Series Soundbars

Q-Series soundbars provide immersive cinematic sound with best-in-class 3D object-based surround sound by Dolby Atmos & DTS:X. Q-Series soundbars have powerful wireless subwoofers that work in perfect harmony with the action happening on the screen.

S-Series Soundbars

S-Series Lifestyle soundbars are designed to suit any interior, with the ultimate in style and minimalist design. Delivering room-filling sound that adapts to your content for great sound.

B-Series Soundbars

B-Series deliver powerful room filling sound that immerses you in the action with Virtual DTS:X* which has the ability to create an almost cinematic experience. The wireless subwoofer provides impressive bass, perfect for films, gaming and music.

*Excluding B450/B430 models.

Samsung is No.1 in Soundbar Sales in the world*

Fine-tuned by our best-in-class Audio Lab for perfectly balanced, cinematic sound.

*Samsung Soundbar has been ranked No.1 selling Soundbar brand for 8 consecutive years by Omdia

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Sound True 11.1.4ch Sound True 5.1.2ch sound 3.1.2ch sound
Number of Speakers 22 11 10
Subwoofer Size 220.0 x 413.0 x 410.0 210.0 x 403.0 x 403.0 238.0 x 240.8 x 238.0
Up-firing Speaker Yes Yes Yes
Side-firing Speaker Yes Yes
Wireless Rear Speaker
Seamless HDR10+ Seamless HDR 10+ Experience Seamless HDR 10+ Experience
Audio Features
Soundmode Game Pro & Adaptive Sound Game Pro & Adaptive Sound Game Pro & Adaptive Sound
Night and Voice
Yes Yes Yes
Dolby Atmos (3D Sound) 3D Object Based Sound (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X) + Wireless Dolby Atmos 3D Object Based Sound (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X) + Wireless Dolby Atmos 3D Object Based Sound (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X) + Wireless Dolby Atmos
Room Calibration SpaceFit Sound+ SpaceFit Sound SpaceFit Sound
Q-Symphony Q-Symphony Q-Symphony Q-Symphony
Smart Device
Wifi & Bluetooth TV Connection Yes Yes Yes
Voice Control Alexa Built-in Alexa Built-in Alexa Built-in
Top Sound Yes + Spotify Connect Yes + Spotify Connect Yes + Spotify Connect

Q990B Soundbar

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Q800B Soundbar

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HW-S801B Soundbar

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Samsung The Frame 55+

The Frame 55+

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Naturally bright and colourful. See every epic moment in super-fine detail and brilliantly intense contrast, powered by Samsung's Quantum Dots.


Can I link my Samsung TV to my Samsung soundbar?

Yes – all Samsung’s TVs can be connected to a Samsung Soundbar including Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLED 4K, Crystal UHD and The Frame models. Pairing Samsung TV and Soundbars together unlocks the full potential of their product benefits.

Like a symphony orchestra, your Samsung TV* can collaborate in synergy with your soundbar to deliver amazing surround sound. A simple system that has the ability to work in perfect harmony, by synchronising TV speakers and soundbar together to play sound simultaneously from both devices. Take your audiovisual experience to a whole new level of immersion – all without any complicated set-up. Exclusive to Samsung.
*Q-Symphony is compatible with 2022 Samsung TV (BU8000↑ TV and above, and Frame). For a complete list of compatible models, please refer to for more information.

What is the benefit of adding a Soundbar to pair with my TV?

A soundbar is the easiest way of improving the sound of your TV to create a fully cinematic home entertainment system. With their sleek design and powerful specs, Samsung soundbars deliver a huge amount of sound in addition to your built-in TV speakers. With Samsung unique Q-Symphony feature, now TV and Soundbar play sound together take your viewing experience to the next level.

What is Q-Symphony Sound?

This feature is exclusive to Samsung! This technology is included across the entire range of Samsung’s Q-Series and S-Series soundbars, when combined with almost all Samsung 2021 & 2022 TVs*. It works by playing sound through the TV and Soundbar simultaneously, especially when using the TVs top** speakers giving you a real feel of height. It takes Samsung TV & Soundbar package to new audio heights creating Samsung’s most immersive surround sound experience to date.
*Excluding Full HD & HD models, Terrace TV and Sero.
**Number of speakers differs by TV model

What is Wireless Dolby Atmos?

If you're looking for the latest in home audiovisual experiences, our synchronised Dolby Atmos Soundbars work with your Samsung TV without any wires needed (connecting TV and soundbar). Dolby Atmos's latest surround-sound technology is a huge step forward, letting you fire sound from any angle in your living room. This creates spatial immersion to revolutionize home viewing. Dolby Atmos speaker systems create a 3D sound experience which delivers a sound field like no other. It's the ideal set up for creating a home cinema or hearing every detail of a live concert. With Wi-Fi enabled Dolby Atmos speakers you're immersed in our wireless multi-channel audio that truly puts you in the heart of the action.

How does Game Mode improve my gaming experience?

Most Samsung soundbars have a dedicated setting that optimises sound specifically for gaming. You get superior directional sound so you can even hear a player trying to overtake you and take evasive action allowing you to claim more victories. The soundbar becomes your secret weapon and eradicates the need for using a headset all the time.

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