Smart home

Controlling your lighting, entertainment, security and more from the touch of a button on your smartphone or with a simple vocal command could not be easier. Install yourself or let us help

Our smart home offering provides everything from plug and play DIY options to home visits, expert advice and installation.

Installations come in all shapes and sizes. Many of the products we sell can be easily installed in a typical DIY fashion with the help of an instruction manual, followed by a simple set up to get everything running smoothly. That said, some require an extra level of experience and most properties benefit from someone with broad knowledge of the solutions available talking through what you are seeking to achieve and making you aware of what’s possible. We call this the DIWM method (or Do It With Me).

For this reason, our experienced sales advisors now go the extra mile to visit you at your home or place of work to talk through and assess your needs, recommending the most suitable equipment for you, your space and your budget.

We'll hide equipment out of sight, serving every room in the house with music, movies and high-speed internet – all connected to heating, lighting and security for the ultimate intelligent home.

Big or small, our installations are done by our network of trusted professionals, with Richer Sounds staff managing the whole process. We handle everything, so it’s seamless and stress-free for you.

Smart home entertainment
Add the convenience of music and video streaming to your home. Access millions of songs and shows at the tap of an app or request them using your voice.

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Lighting & heating
Control your home's heating, lighting and power via app or voice, as well as the traditional way. Tailor everything precisely to your needs, which in turn can save energy and money.

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Home security & safety
Secure your home in a thoroughly modern way. Control alarms, doorbells, security cameras and more from afar using your phone. Be alerted to important events when you’re away.

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Connected home & Smart gadgets
Take charge of your smart home using voice commands and other simple to use devices and controls when you're in. Control everything with your smartphone/tablet while you're out.

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Smart home entertainment

Bring the convenience of music streaming to your home. Wireless speakers fit anywhere and often feature voice control: simply say the name of any track and it plays it.

Add popular services like Spotify to your existing hi-fi system, giving access to millions of songs at the tap of a smartphone or tablet app. Add Hi-Res Audio streaming services for the very best sound quality.

Wireless speakersWireless speakers

Wireless speakers
Standalone speakers are the simplest way to add wireless music streaming to your home. Many work with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google, to control your music and your smart home.

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Streaming micro systemsStreaming micro systems

Streaming micro systems
Stream music wirelessly from phone, tablet or laptop. Many systems have services like Spotify built in too. Use your phone, tablet or laptop as the remote control.

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Network amplifiersNetwork amplifiers

Network amplifiers
Upgrade to a network amplifier to enjoy the quality of a serious hi-fi separates system with the convenience of streaming. Listen to Hi-Res Audio on the best speakers in the house.

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Network music playersNetwork music players

Network music players
Add a dedicated player to your hi-fi system to add high-quality streaming from popular online services and also stream your own digital music collection.

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Smart TVSmart TV

Smart TV
Stream a movie in pin-sharp 4K Ultra HD from popular services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Simply use your voice to tell the TV to dim the lights.

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HD video distributionHD video distribution

HD video distribution
The ultimate convenience in high-end video: a TV matrix connects every screen in the house to every single source. Cables and clutter are hidden out of sight.

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Lighting & heating

Add wireless tech to your home's heating, lighting and power. Everything will work the same as before but you can also control it all via smartphone or tablet app, wherever you are.

Schedules and remote access save energy – better for the planet and your pocket. Set lighting to simulate occupancy while you're out. Ever gone on holiday but forgot to turn the heating off? No problem. Then tell it to warm up again a couple of hours before you get home.


Add wireless control to your light bulbs or dimmer switches. Set lighting moods for a room or the whole house with a quick tap on an app. Save £££s by lighting more efficiently.



Add app and voice control to power sockets with a smart plug. Program it like a timer or control your plug-in lights and appliances from anywhere in the world.


These simple to use devices save energy and hassle by replacing your central heating system's thermostat. Set detailed schedules and control heating via app or voice, even while you're out. 


Heating systemsHeating systems

Heating systems
Sophisticated heating controls use wireless smart thermostatic radiator valves to control each radiator's temperature precisely. Save on bills yet have every room feel just right.

Home security & safety

Secure your home in a thoroughly modern way. Answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world. You can even unlock the door and disarm the alarm remotely for a tradesperson or delivery, using a smartphone or tablet app.

Smart cameras can recognise family members whilst alerting you to intruders, smart smoke alarms will give you early warning before a fire really gets started, smart carbon monoxide alarms can automatically turn off the boiler.


Wireless cameras can alert you to unusual activity wherever you are. Some are also smart enough to recognise faces, know when a baby cries or alert you to a smoke alarm.



These clever little Bluetooth fobs help ensure you never lose keys, wallets, bags and other everyday items again. Locate your belongings easily via app. Know when family members return home even if you’re out.


Sensors & alarmsSensors & alarms

Sensors & alarms
The latest wireless smoke alarms all sound when one detects a fire plus you get an app alert. They can even turn on the lights in the event of a fire, to aid escape.


Security systemsSecurity systems

Security systems
Whole-home security goes wireless with sensors for doors, windows and motion. Disarm with a code or a phone tap. Get a call or message if something's not right.


Connected home & gadgets

Take charge of your smart home using voice commands and smart buttons when you're in. Control everything via smartphone or tablet app while you're out. You can even control home appliances remotely.

Get super-fast wi-fi throughout your entire home. The latest 'mesh' wi-fi tech ensures everyone gets fast, reliable broadband throughout the home with no blackspots.

Smart home controlSmart home control

Smart home control
Think out loud to control your home by voice with an Alexa, Siri or Google speaker. Simply tell it to turn on the heating or play an album.


Mesh wi-fi Mesh wi-fi

Mesh wi-fi
Get fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home without ever fiddling with settings. The latest "mesh" systems work seamlessly together with no blackspots.

Smart electricalsSmart electricals

Smart electricals
Home appliances large and small can now come with Wi-Fi connectivity. Control and keep an eye them from anywhere.


Wi-fi extrasWi-fi extras

Wi-fi extras
If you already have Wi-Fi set up, simple gadgets like range extenders and powerline networks help make it go further.


The ultimate connected home

While there are many smart products available today, it isn't until these devices work together in orchestration, that you experience the magic of a smart home.

From homes small to large, new and old, Control4 delivers power and performance on one system that coordinates the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences-interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Check in on cameras or see who's ringing the doorbell-from wherever you are. It's a smarter living experience that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

For property professionals
Our expert team can also design, or design and fit, smart home installations that add value to your property portfolio, whether that’s new builds or refurbs. Installs to suit any budget, from discrete, space-saving home entertainment to luxury, whole-house systems for high-end properties.

Ask your local store for details

Smart and secure
A whole-house system paves the way for intelligent security that’s integrated with other elements of your smart home. Arm the alarm and lock doors with a voice command. Set lighting patterns to simulate occupancy. Turn off heating while you’re out. Check on your home while you’re away.

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Wired for sound and video
Every member of the family can enjoy music and video everywhere at the very highest quality. Smart controls can trigger lighting and more to match the entertainment. Simply say a voice command to close the curtains, dim the lights and play the movie of your choice.

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Fast and reliable
High-speed, wired internet connections to every room mean business for your home office, super-fast 4K movie streaming for pleasure and no lag for online gaming.

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Compatible Ecosystems

Interested in shopping by Smart home platform? Simply click on the corresponding icon below to see all products with your chosen Smart system built in.

Amazon Echo (Alexa)
Amazon Alexa is built into the Amazon Echo range of wireless speakers, Amazon tablets and Fire TV stick. Use your voice to control smart home devices, order Amazon Prime shopping, play music, request news, weather reports and more.

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Apple HomeKit (Siri)
iPhone users will be familiar with Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. It’s also available at home on Apple TV and the Apple HomePod wireless speaker, as well as iPhones and iPads. Control smart home products via Siri whether you’re home or away.

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Google Home
Say “OK Google” to your Google Home smart speaker or Android phone to control smart home devices by voice, search websites, choose music and video entertainment, and access popular Google apps. For example, find out the day’s calendar appointments just by asking.

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Hive offers more than home heating control. Smart lighting, home security sensors and smart plugs all work together – letting you do more, while offering precise control which helps you save on energy bills.

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Stands for "If This, Then That". A web service that helps different apps and smart devices talk to each other. Use a voice command in the kitchen to make a quick note in your diary. Send an email from the office to tell your smart home what time you want the dinner ready.

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Protect your home with Nest devices, including its smart smoke alarm, security cameras and central heating thermostat. They also link to other smart devices to trigger actions and enable voice control.

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Philips Hue
Hue started out as a small range of app-controlled light bulbs. It expanded to include colour-change bulbs and LED strips for mood lighting. Now it can also integrate with other smart home devices – for example, your alarm clock or security camera can trigger lighting.

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"We have Smart solutions for every internet-connected home, from ‘plug and play’ to fully integrated
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