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While the world of home entertainment technology is truly exciting, we know it can also be confusing. With lots of jargon flying around, it’s easy to feel completely lost so we’ve assembled these easy guides to help you understand the basics. Of course, if you need further assistance, we are always just a phone call away.

We have the knowledge - Hi-fiWe have the knowledge - Hi-fi


We’ve been selling hi-fi for over 40 years so it’s safe to say we know our way around great sound and the equipment you need to get it. Read on to discover how hi-fi can make your music come alive.

We have the knowledge - TV & Home CinemaWe have the knowledge - TV & Home Cinema

TV & home cinema

Whether you’re a film buff, a sport fanatic or just enjoy a bit of TV to unwind, we’ve got great ideas for making everything you watch look and sound amazing. Check out this guide to learn all about getting that big screen experience at home.

We have the knowledge - SpeakersWe have the knowledge - Speakers


Playing one of the most important roles in a system, speakers come in all shapes and sizes and there really is something for everyone. We explain the basics and explore the options to help you find the perfect fit for you.

We have the knowledge - Wireless StreamingWe have the knowledge - Wireless Streaming

Wireless streaming

Going wireless is the best option in terms of ease and convenience, and thankfully it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance either. Discover how it all works and see just how straightforward it is to add wireless equipment to your home.

We have the knowledge - HeadphonesWe have the knowledge - Headphones


Nothing offers an escape from the outside world quite like a great pair of headphones. From slick wireless ones for those on the move to big audiophile ones for dedicated listening, this guide explains some things to consider when shopping for new headphones.

We have the knowledge - AccessoriesWe have the knowledge - Accessories


They might be small or hidden from view, but adding the right accessories can transform a good experience into a great one. We break down some of the key items that will improve the way your system sounds, looks and performs.