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I want to wallmount my TV, what do I need?

First things first, you need to think about how mobile your TV needs to be once it's mounted; will it be flat against the wall, tilting forward or pulling and swinging out? Once you've worked this bit out it's just a case of choosing the right bracket for the size of your TV.

We stock a range of brackets that fit practically any television, as well as ceiling mounts for projectors, but if you can't find the right solution on our website or in store, be sure to ask your local team who will be happy to look into special order options for you.

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TV wall mountTV wall mount

Is specialist furniture worth the cost?

Hi-fi rackHi-fi rack

In almost all cases, yes! You're not just paying for designer looks and fancy materials, a lot of thought goes into making sure TV stands and hi-fi racks are both practical and offer a performance advantage too. Cable management, for example, means you can neatly tidy away your cables to avoid unsightly spaghetti behind your equipment.

The right stand can also bring about an improvement in performance. The idea is that a better stand not only gives a more stable platform for equipment, but also absorbs any vibrations, however small, produced by equipment without transmitting it to another. This is accomplished either by making the shelf out of specialised materials or using spikes on the base.

Ultimately, a quality rack ensures that your system doesn't just look its best, it sounds it too!

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Speaker stands

You may be wondering why we refer to 'standmount' speakers when these are commonly known as 'bookshelf' speakers. The answer is very simple; they sound better on a stand than a bookshelf! Dedicated speaker stands absorb excess vibrations from your speakers that would normally colour the performance, leading to a somewhat muddled sound. Your speakers sound clean and clear - with defined bass that doesn't overpower - and a more pronounced stereo effect.

We stock a range to fit both different sizes of speakers and different preferences for sound quality, so be sure to ask for a demo at your local shop!

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Speaker standsSpeaker stands

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